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customer service

July 29, 2015
Striving to provide a “personalized service experience” with every interaction, Telstra – Australia’s leading telecommunications company – offers its customers the ability to connect with the same agent each time they contact the company. In a new Focus on Customer Service podcast, Dan Gingiss talks to Telstra's Head of Digitial Operations Monty Hamilton to discuss how the company does this, and looks at their overall approach to digital connection.
July 22, 2015
Remember those sandcastles you built as a kid? Constructing sandy towers and driftwood drawbridges was a blast. That is, until a powerful, unexpected wave swept the beach and water flooded that little kingdom. Only those prepared with a deep and expansive moat remained safe. For everyone else, all...
Call Volume Surge
July 16, 2015
It’s as if the two main social media outlets that clients use to speak to brands were in cahoots. Two months ago, Twitter allowed users to send private messages to brands without following them. Two weeks ago, Facebook enticed brands to respond to all private messages as quickly as possible. That same day, Twitter announced that users could (finally) send private messages longer than 140 characters. What are the implications of these announcements, and why are they doing more than simply accelerating the transformation of interactions between customers and brands via social media, which had already begun? Let’s get some answers.
July 15, 2015
ModCloth is “not just another retailer,” according to its founder, “but a social-shopping community with our customer at the center of everything we do.” Nowhere is that more apparent than in its approach to customer service, both on and off social media. Its agents, called “advocates,” often refer to themselves as “day makers” because their goal is to make every customer’s day.
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Leading Companies for Customer Service On and Off Social

Increasingly people are using social media as their primary channel for customer support. According to eMarketer, 72% of customers who complain on Twitter expect a brand to respond within an hour.

July 09, 2015
For anyone who works in social media, it’s the biggest nightmare imaginable: computer systems are down, service is disrupted, and customers are angry. Yet that’s exactly what happened to United Airlines on July 8 when a “router issue” affected “network connectivity,” according to a company statement.
June 24, 2015
Joe Stupp was the restaurant manager at the very first Chipotle restaurant. Now he's the Head of Social Media. The burrito brand with an unconventional style is making their customers hungry for more on social media.
June 22, 2015
According to JD Power and Associates, 67% of consumers have used a company’s social media page for customer support. Social allows customers to access support from your company conveniently without leaving the network, whether the network is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+. This creates a ‘right next door’ feel; it also creates an entire arena of customer service that feeds off of quality relationships .
June 18, 2015
According to SmallBizTrends , 7 out of 10 consumers prefer giving their business to a business with a social media presence. Social media is a popular form of communication, and a valid method of retrieving information about a business for most customers. So it’s in our best interest, as small business owners, to really learn the ropes of social media communication.
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