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July 08, 2015
The story that has already been told about the American shopping mall is one of great commercial success up until the advent of the internet, when the whole industry crashed and burned. As online shopping rose, so goes the usual narrative, the fortunes of places of public commerce fell precipitously. But, as it turns out, it's more complicated than just the idea that more people are shopping from home.
shopping mall
July 08, 2015
Why are people afraid of e-commerce? There’s the main fear of credit card theft, and behind that, suspicion that personal information will be sold. And on the more practical side of things: it’s difficult to buy things online--without being able to try them first--and some sites are still not up to snuff when it comes to customers’ expectations for providing tracking information and easy returns if they don’t like the product.
ecommerce fears
June 28, 2015
As more brands are joining the Ecommerce game, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to gain online recognition. However, in the world of Ecommerce, small businesses and start-ups are perceived differently than established brands, and as long as they have products that people are interested in, a strong marketing strategy and commitment to quality, all small businesses can achieve wild success.
The Small Business Guide to Ecommerce
June 14, 2015
ALEXA rankings suggest that 26% of the world’s top one million websites use Magento. The problem of attracting customers has been an age old problem, but what do you do once the consumer walks into your online Magento store? These are a few tips and tricks to the job that can guarantee a successful turnover for just about any business.
eCommerce sales
June 06, 2015
Pinterest continues to make changes to its platform to drive eCommerce sales and enhance user experience, with the latest update being buyable pins. Find out what buyable pins are and what they mean to social media, eCommerce, and mobile going forward.
Pinterest buyable pins
May 27, 2015
Millennials are setting the pace as the largest cross section of consumers today. These consumers expect convenience, transparency and personalization.
millennials ecommerce
May 31, 2015
Getting users to your product pages is always the prime focus, but keeping them on the page is just as important. This post will educate you on how to write engaging product descriptions that sell.
April 03, 2015
"Dear Socially Stephanie: I just launched an ecommerce store for my very Hawaiian bathing suit line. I have a shop in town, but online is completely new to me. The traffic has been ok, but I know I can do more. What are some fun and new ways to increase traffic and my online presence?"
socially stephanie
March 30, 2015
Facebook can surely be termed as the front runner in the world of social media. With over 1.39 billion monthly users, it is surely the perfect platform to be on if you are looking to connect with the maximum number of people. But what if you want to purchase something? Facebook hardly had the answer even a few days back. However, the Company has found a solution to this problem as well.
facebook ecommerce
March 26, 2015
Cookie cutter, boilerplate, scraped, copied… whatever you call it, ecommerce content provided by manufacturers and suppliers has been regurgitated all over the Internet. Using this copied text means that your search engine rankings could be suffering, your conversion rate could certainly be improved, and your profits are ultimately suffering.