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November 12, 2014
On the most important Holiday in the United States, LinkedIn launched what its Global Content Marketing Manager for the Marketing Solutions Group, Jason Miller, would most certainly call “Big Rock” content. It’s essentially one of the most thorough, well-organized resource hubs for Veterans seeking employment.
July 03, 2014
There are a heap of posts and infographics floating about the web that detail the best days and times to post to the various social media platforms. But while generic data can be useful and can provide you with a level of guidance, the generic audience they’re targeting with those times is not your audience.
July 03, 2014
Facebook's organic post visibility is falling every month and is growing ever closer to zero. These 11 Facebook anti-algorithm tactics will help get your fan engagement back.
July 03, 2014
The health care arena has undergone drastic changes over the past few years, and technology and legislative compliance are at the heart of those changes as it relates to security and the cloud. The federal government recently made two endorsements of cloud technology, a move that validates the trusted security available with the cloud.
cloud security
July 02, 2014
Social media is where public thinking happens. So if you want to be a thought leader, you must lead on social media. Lead not only on social media, but like the tree falling in the woods, if you want to be heard you’ve got to fall among thinking people.
July 02, 2014
So how might one establish a relationship before talking business? Give away some advice for free, share resources, start conversations and don’t be all about yourself, your company and the cash. Respect the fact that people have more options now than ever before and be a resource for those in need instead of trying to hard-sell those in need.
June 29, 2014
Employees today (especially your younger talent) need - almost expect - to have their voices heard. Staff who’ve grown up in the days of social sharing bring a culture of open communication and engagement. That expectation of being involved is likely trickling up to your more senior levels too.
June 27, 2014
Many experts agree that content marketing should be "journalistic" and follow the approach that newsrooms have followed for years. Uberflip's latest SlideShare examines the essential principles that drive journalists to produce amazing content and what marketers can learn from them.
June 26, 2014
Right now there's a 68% probability you're using Google for search. Google's dominance in search is a reality worldwide, but a little excursion I am taking with Yandex may prove "acceptance" is not something the world’s users have to stand for, and that innovation has not died out.
June 24, 2014
While most of the media are focusing on ISIS’s use of social media to post gruesome pictures and slick videos, The Atlantic took a deeper dive into how ISIS is gaming Twitter. For example, ISIS understands that it only takes a handful of tweeters to steal a hashtag. Thus, they initially assembled a group of a couple hundred tweeters.