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Facebook likes

January 26, 2015
As the use of social media data in research has grown, there has been a degree of uncertainty over just how reliable it is. After all, there is much to suggest that we’re far from ourselves on social media, and rather than projecting reality, we project how we’d like things to be.
October 06, 2014
"Likes." I don’t quite get them. You’re thinking about generating “Likes” but: what for? With what aim?
August 09, 2014
Starting November 5, 2014 (and August 7, 2014 for all new apps) like-gating will no longer be allowed on Facebook Pages. This policy change is a sign that even Facebook knows that the size of a Page’s like count isn’t as valuable as much as the average Page admins think it is. I believe that when marketers begin shifting their thinking away from Like-gating they’ll see better results from their efforts.
June 08, 2014
Action-gating is when you ask users or customers to do something (like vote or share a piece information about themselves) in order to get something (like an extra entry into a contest or access to a promotion) from your brand.
May 27, 2014
Are you not getting the likes and traffic to your Facebook Page that you are looking for? Creating an effective business page is the easy part, but getting people to become a fan of it is an entirely different process. Here are several ways you can transform your page into a successful one.
July 06, 2013
During conversations I have with small business owners about social media marketing, I’m frequently asked about what methods they can use to acquire more Facebook fans. For some, it’s as though fan acquisition is the sole measure by which they measure success.
June 18, 2013
Did your Facebook Page fare well during May? Did you achieve the number of fans and likes you set for last month? Is your Facebook Page performing above the average? These questions, and more, boggle the minds of social media marketers and marketing managers.
June 12, 2013
Facebook Page Likes are a vanity statistic, and the true value on Facebook and across social media is the engagement. Fake fans will not engage with your content, and in the end they will likely end up hurting your brand.
March 13, 2013
Your likes and actions online can predict and reveal the type of person you are. The Financial Times (FT) highlights that the personal information available online can help reveal behavioural patterns, actions, and characteristics of individuals. However, should this be encouraging or discouraging to online users?
March 04, 2013
Let’s bust a few Facebook marketing myths right away: You can’t grow your “likes” and “fans” in 3 months starting today. You can’t bulldoze your way through it. Throwing money at it won’t buy you love and hence you can’t grow your fans by buying them.