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August 27, 2015
To me, one of the weirdest things about Google is that, for an international technological powerhouse with a market cap soon to reach half-a-trillion dollars, it is rather idiosyncratic. And they are idiosyncratic in a way that goes beyond Google doodles, or the many search easter eggs that the company has slipped into its algorithm. It actually puts substantial resources into things like driverless cars, or internet from the sky, or immortality.
August 26, 2015
YouTube's new live-streaming service for gamers, YouTube Gaming, officially launches today. The extension of YouTube into live streaming services is an attempt to compete with Twitch Interactive, the burgeoning industry's current leader, which gets about 65 million visitors a month.
youtube gaming
August 21, 2015
Get ready for your tweets to be a more important part of your overall marketing and SEO puzzle, Google has announced today that real-time tweets, which have been appearing in mobile search results for the last few months , are now showin g in desktop result too.
Tweets Now Appearing in Google Desktop Searches | Social Media Today
August 21, 2015
Background: Due to several court rulings in Europe, Google is required to honor a person's "right to be forgotten," which basically means that if someone fills out a form online requesting Google to take down search results that involve that person's identity, Google must honor the request, within reason. This seemingly simple, basically supportable idea has lead to a rabbit-hole, beyond-the-looking-glass, metaphor-for-confusion loop of strangeness: Google has now been ordered to forget what it forgot.
right to be forgotten
August 11, 2015
As anyone following the tech world has probably heard by now, Google, along with all the other various companies and subsidiaries under Google, are now owned and operated by the new parent company Alphabet.
Google news
August 10, 2015
In a move that has surprised, well, pretty much everyone , internet search giant Google has announced they’re starting a new company . Sort of. Former Google CEO Larry Page announced in a blog post on Monday that Google is creating a new parent company to be called ‘ Alphabet ’.
Google Announces Re-Structure Under New Company Called ‘Alphabet’ | Social Media Today
August 06, 2015
Recently shaken by a security scandal involving mobile devices that could be hacked by a malicious text message without owners being aware of it, Google has promised to make efforts to regularly update the security systems of its Android operating system. While this is a step in the right direction, actually improving Android security is a complicated endeavor.
mobile risk
August 05, 2015
You know that scene in Blade Runner where Deckard uses futuristic technology (that somehow still uses an old tube television) to explore what is happening in a photograph, even stuff that isn't actually in the photograph? Well, Google and MIT have together created an algorithm that does exactly that. Sort of. Well, okay, not really, but it's still really cool.
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August 03, 2015
Would Google consider buying up Twitter? That’s the question that’s been gaining traction in recent months, and is building momentum again today. So what are the key benefits and reasons behind such a move, from both sides?
Is Google Looking to Buy Twitter? Latest Market Moves Spark Speculation | Social Media Today
July 31, 2015
Whenever a new, futuristic advancement in technology makes the news, I like to make the joke that we are now living in the future. Our lives are starting to resemble sci-fi novels. And now, another step forward is being taken: Internet from the sky.
facebook drone