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October 03, 2015
By all measures , Instagram holds great appeal for brands, with high engagement rates and unrestricted organic reach. Adding to that, Global Web Index has released new data which shows that Instagram is also the social platform where users are most likely to follow branded accounts.
How Many Social Media Users Follow Brand Pages [Infographic] | Social Media Today
September 22, 2015
Facebook-owned photo-sharing Instagram has reported that it now has 400 million users, a huge milestone for the network.
Instagram Hits 400 Million Users | Social Media Today
September 22, 2015
​Instagram has quickly become the darling of the visual marketing space. The platform, focused on sharing moments of your life as they happen, is known for it's simple, singular focus on images. In fact, Instagram was so focused on images that up until the release of Instagram advertising,...
September 18, 2015
Do you have that friend whose Instagram account is a never-ending feed of 'perfect' photos of their #natural, #healthy, #fulfilled #lifestyle? Yes, you do. We all do, and, as someone who has a lot of trouble just getting out of bed in the morning, I can tell you those feeds are annoying as can be. But we can all take some solace in the fact that our seemingly #flawless, #nofilter friend may actually be full of crap, as evidenced by one Bangkok-based photographer's hilarious and subversive photo series.
instagram lies
September 14, 2015
User generated content is extremely valuable on social media. Learn how to save time, easily collect and distribute your fan's content on Instagram.
September 11, 2015
By the time the drill has been played out in London, Paris and Milan, designers will be assessing their Instagram strategies this season, weighing marketing investments and analyzing competitor social media strategy and tactics.
September 10, 2015
Instagram’s 300 million monthly active users have made it the second largest social media platform, pulling it ahead of Twitter, and it’s only getting bigger thanks to its new ad program. In 2014, a select number of companies debuted ads—which have the same look and feel as organic posts—on the network, with only the highest quality ads displayed. But last week, the Instagram Application Programming Interface (API) finally became available to everyone.
September 09, 2015
It was once said that about 15 percent of all web traffic is cat-related (sorry, dogs). Instagram , with its rich, image-based platform, has allowed pet owners to narrate the lives of their furry friends one photo at a time.
September 09, 2015
tulpahn / Until this morning, brands that wanted to put video ads on Instagram were limited to 15-second clips, the same length of video that users were able to post with their original content. Now, in order to appeal more to big brands and (hopefully) bring in more ad dollars,...
instagram ad features
September 08, 2015
Did you drop out of art school? Then you probably use the Brannan filter. Is The Royal Tenenbaums your favorite movie? Your Instagram followers could probably tell by your overuse of the Earlybird filter.