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linkedin profile

December 05, 2015
Simply having a LinkedIn profile is no longer enough - with over 400,000,000 LinkedIn members, there’s a very good chance your prospective clients will never find you unless you take proactive steps to make your profile stand out and represent you in the best light. Here's some tips on how to maximize your LinkedIn profile.
Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Client Magnet [Video Tutorial] | Social Media Today
October 04, 2015
To get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing strategies and drive traffic to your business website, you may have to look at different ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile, as this would help more people to discover your business and promote it. Check out these 9 optimization strategies for your profile.
Optimizing your LinkedIn profile
September 24, 2015
The digital marketing arena is always changing. The evolution of technologies and adoption of new social media platforms and apps leads to significant shifts in consumer behavior, and those shifts then influence the skills required to meet demand and capitalize on audience attention. Amidst this...
LinkedIn Highlights the Most Sought After Digital Skills in New eBook | Social Media Today
July 10, 2015
There are now more than 1 million users publishing long-form content on LinkedIn. The professional social network made the announcement on their official blog , trumpeting the success of their blogging functionality, which they launched around 17 months ago. And while the LinkedIn blogging platform has been a big success, there have been some issues and queries over LinkedIn published content – in particular, over changes to how content is shared and distributed throughout the extended LinkedIn network.
LinkedIn Publishing Platform Hits 1 Million Users – The Pros and Cons of LI Publishing | Social Media Today
October 17, 2014
Sometimes talking about yourself can be hard. How do you quantify all of the skills that you've acquired, the expertise you've developed, and the little pieces that make you unique (all in a manner that will get you viewed by the right people on LinkedIn)?
July 22, 2014
LinkedIn is the social network for professionals, a place to have an online resume, connect with people from your industry or potential employers, and read relevant news. Most people only use LinkedIn's main features, but the social media platform also has very useful ones, sometimes hidden or not as much promoted to its users, who are therefore missing on very useful functionalities.
February 22, 2014
Many people think of LinkedIn as a resume of sorts. While that’s certainly true, it is also so much more. Get out of the mindset of “traditional resume” and get ready to learn the LinkedIn profile tips you need to know to help further market yourself and your business.
December 15, 2013
Over the summer months of 2013 I have done some research how recruiters in Belgium present themselves on LinkedIn (750 profiles of recruitment professionals reviewed) and here are my conclusions, and also the reasons why candidates do not click on recruiter’s profiles.
September 09, 2013
I’m often asked if one should upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account. With LinkedIn you have to put some work and effort into adding content and understanding all of the features before you can make an educated decision whether if its good for you or not.
January 18, 2013
LinkedIn recently rolled out a new look to its 175 million members which should make it easier to tell your professional story and help you to find more connections and opportunities. Make the most of the new cleaner look by updating your LinkedIn Profile with this useful guide.