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November 19, 2015
The risk of advertising moving online is that the ad is no longer a physical object. Instead it is a bunch of ones and zeros, and it is therefore much more vulnerable to thieves and hackers. Well duh. But it still hasn't really sunk in just how great a risk digital advertising actually could be.
xindi fraud
October 09, 2015
Social media is a sensitive little beast, and campaigns are even more sensitive. Once you announce a series of social events and content, you’re subject to scrutiny both internal and external. Once any part of the campaign is tied directly to money the campaign becomes even more vulnerable. Use the...
Social Media Mistakes
October 07, 2015
Is paid media worth it? The research team at TechnologyAdvice have partnered with Unbounce to survey 456 Internet users about banner and display ads, social ads and sponsored search engine results. Here is the infographic. The results are sobering to say the least.
Is Paid Media Dead?
October 06, 2015
Social media is not just about sharing text updates, links, and photo memes. Video continues to become increasingly more popular, as evidenced by the fast rise in live streaming platforms like Periscope and Blab. If you are interested in incorporating video into your social media strategy, here are the ways to do it and why you should try each.
October 02, 2015
This week has marked more than a change from September to October, with weather events solidifying beyond the shadow of a doubt that summer is no more. Changes of CEOs, changes of season, and a change of a show host have taken over our social media minds. Let's see how the social intelligence insights breakdown some of the top news stories on social this week.
October 01, 2015
Social Media trend forecasting season is upon us, and while I'm sure this site and many others will provide many specific trends to watch for next year, here are some general developments that are on my radar. It's always good to keep these trends in mind when planning your budget for the coming year or strategizing new projects and events. B eing agile enough to lean into big, new waves like Periscope or Snapchat will assure your company sustained success, as it changes with the audience instead of after it.
5 social media trends to watch for in 2016
October 01, 2015
Creating a Social Media Calendar which follows a clear strategy can improve the results you get from social media marketing. Just the act of creating a social media calendar can help you to stop and think more strategically about your social media goals.
Social Media Calendar Template
September 29, 2015
Many B2B marketers are either striking out or racking up very low batting averages. What gives? We won’t be able to pin all our problems on a singular shortcoming. However, as we dig deeper into sizable enterprises producing oodles of content, we do tend to uncover a very common problem: People Don’t Know Where to Find the Content They Need.
September 28, 2015
Brand building can help you win new clients, command premium fees, and attract and retain the very best talent. But how do you do it?
Top 5 Branding Strategies for Professional Services Firms
September 25, 2015
Feel like you’re making social media marketing mistakes you can’t reign in? Don’t worry: we’ve all been there. Sometimes we just need a list of ground rules hanging above our desk to remind us what to do and what not to do. Here are some rules you should never break
6 Unbreakable Rules of Social Media Marketing