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marketing automation

May 22, 2015
Do you feel like business keeps getting more and more complicated and you can't keep up? There is a solution: marketing automation. Even choosing what kind of automation to use is a challenge, but once you understand what is possible, you can prioritize what to implement.
May 17, 2015
You’ve been saying it for over a year now - tomorrow will be the day you finally automate your twitter account. Not completely (we don’t want you to become spam) - but intelligently mastering the social media tool. Automating it in a way that makes your twitter account even more exciting- even more engaging- than updates about what you ate for dinner last night.
Automate Twitter Tools IFTTT
May 17, 2015
I’ve been talking to more companies and fellow marketers about email marketing automation this year than I ever have before. I wanted to write a post about what you should be thinking about before you ever get to choosing the actual platform and set of tools that can help you get to the level with your marketing.
Marketing Automation Tips
April 03, 2015
The pioneers of the marketing automation industry were — not surprisingly — very smart marketers. They slapped the word “automation” next to “marketing,” and boom, their targets instantly started thinking that these tools could run chunks of their marketing programs… automatically. Set it up, let...
Who Belong on Your Marketing Automation Team
March 30, 2015
Hinge’s Managing Partner, Lee Frederiksen, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share his insight on strategies to improve marketing automation . Lee joined me to discuss lead generation strategies, lead nurturing tips, and marketing automation strategies.
March 20, 2015
I see it happen to companies and people time and time again. Marketing automation technologies – like Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, Eloqua, and more – constantly get trotted out to marketing folks near and far as a salvation. They are purported to be an answer to all their problems with email, lead generation, prospect tracking, and website reporting, as giving marketers a true way to prove ROI. So the marketers buy it, with a gleam in their eye! And then …Nothing. For three months.
Don't Buy Marketing Automation Right Now
March 06, 2015
Many professional services firms are great at what they do, but struggle to produce enough leads to grow their business. What would you say if I told you that there's a way to generate new opportunities for your firm without cold-calling or mass email blasts? The answer is marketing automation.
February 26, 2015
Do you even need marketing automation? Will it really benefit your business? What can it actually do?
marketing automation
February 25, 2015
Once primarily associated with display, programmatic advertising can now be described as simply the automation of media buying and optimization that’s centered on audiences. When we think about it in this context, the meaning behind it has evolved, and extends more broadly across digital advertising. Search, as the first pure form of a programmatic channel, offered automation, transparency, and the ability to leverage data such as geography, time of day, or device type in order to make more intelligent decisions and to improve relevancy.
February 20, 2015
Having a stellar product is an impressive feat during a time when most markets are infiltrated with new businesses and entrepreneurs sprouting up left and right. This makes finding qualified leads a job unto itself. Especially for small businesses and start-ups, simplifying and automating this task can be tricky. Fortunately with the right tools and skills, qualified leads could come right to your doorstep, eager to demo, purchase and refer future leads