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marketing automation

February 26, 2015
Do you even need marketing automation? Will it really benefit your business? What can it actually do?
marketing automation
February 25, 2015
Once primarily associated with display, programmatic advertising can now be described as simply the automation of media buying and optimization that’s centered on audiences. When we think about it in this context, the meaning behind it has evolved, and extends more broadly across digital advertising. Search, as the first pure form of a programmatic channel, offered automation, transparency, and the ability to leverage data such as geography, time of day, or device type in order to make more intelligent decisions and to improve relevancy.
February 20, 2015
Having a stellar product is an impressive feat during a time when most markets are infiltrated with new businesses and entrepreneurs sprouting up left and right. This makes finding qualified leads a job unto itself. Especially for small businesses and start-ups, simplifying and automating this task can be tricky. Fortunately with the right tools and skills, qualified leads could come right to your doorstep, eager to demo, purchase and refer future leads
February 16, 2015
Are you marketing like a robot? Marketing has come a long way. While automation was once considered the “bleeding edge” of marketing technologies, the industry has caught up and most SaaS companies provide at least some level of automation.
reactive, assumptive, behavioral, marketing
February 15, 2015
Marketing tactics in the B2B world have come a long way from the old “spray and pray” approach. The rising importance of a company’s social presence has presented new opportunities to broaden customer bases and zero-in on personal preferences. But who has time for all the minutiae that comes with a successful social strategy?
February 13, 2015
Marketing automation is an incredible tool… if you use it to its full potential. If you do not understand how to use it, however, or if you don’t put the necessary time into planning, execution and analysis, your marketing automation solution will not help you grow your business. What should you be...
marketing automation
February 02, 2015
Marketing automation: the term, at times, still sounds like something from the future. We think of “automation” as something robotic and stable which spits out content at regular intervals and is pre-set and inflexible. Today’s marketing automation, however, is very dynamic.

The Business Case for Marketing Automation

Marketing automation delivers a multitude of advantages and opportunities, including improved operational efficiencies, reduced costs, marketing and sales alignment, more (and more qualified) leads, and increased revenues. To reap these – and more – benefits, you’ll need to...
November 05, 2014
Marketing automation is one of the most effective tools to include in your holiday marketing strategy. Yet, if you don’t set up your campaigns properly or you neglect certain steps, your automated marketing campaigns can turn nasty. Many businesses have missed out on opportunities to connect with customers because they missed the boat with their holiday campaigns.
October 28, 2014
One of the great white whales for social media marketing is cracking the B2B code. Social media automation is another Moby Dick. Bringing it all together in a simple-to-use dashboard that takes all the data your marketing, advertising, selling, development, and engagements, and brings it together simply and easily, might be the most elusive of them all. Here's what two services, Cyfe and Oktopost, have to offer.