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July 07, 2015
Twitter has released some exciting news for today’s modern, multi-tasking marketer. Now advertisers have the ability to manage Twitter ads directly through the mobile app when commuting to work, running errands, or taking their lunch breaks. “The mobile tool lets you check campaign performance, optimize budget and schedule, and respond to notifications,” says Twitters Senior Product Manager, Christine Lee.
June 18, 2015
The Facebook Awards are timed to coincide with the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, where the international advertising world crowns its best creative w ork. Facebook will also attend Cannes, to encourage advertisers to use the platform in new ways, and to capitalize on the growth in international advertising that seems to make up more and more of Facebook’s revenue. According to AdWeek , “more than half of its [Facebook’s] ad revenue came from overseas” last ye a r. Here are the best of the best:
Love Has No Labels
June 12, 2015
Having a website that is responsive is increasingly important in the age of mobile.
Sample of a responsive site as viewed on various mobile devices.
May 20, 2015
Two social platforms just announced new uses and both have to do with the digital music world, signaling continued innovation aimed at millennials. Spotify and Snapchat have both made carrying your music with you easier than ever and these recent announcements take mobile music consumption to the...
Snapchat Spotify Tidal
May 18, 2015
On April 21st Google began to roll out the Mobile Friendly Algorithm update. This update is designed to reward sites that have a good user experience on mobile devices and penalize ones that don’t. Mobile traffic could be affected in two ways.
Mobile penalty identification
May 11, 2015
Around the globe, demand for access to the mobile internet has positively remained consistent throughout last year. Following a typical year-to-year upward trajectory, the global smartphone and phablet market began 2015 with a boost, compared to the same quarter in 2014.
May 09, 2015
Social gaming and social networking have had an enormous impact on the mobile gaming industry. They have influenced everything from how games are designed to how players interact with them. But developers are betting big that mobile gaming can grow beyond that. The latest in advanced mobile technology , like Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor, has made it possible for game designers to take off the shackles. Today's titles are more robust, complex, and rich in gameplay than ever before. The notion that mobile games and console games are to be forever separate is already an outdated one. By appealing to the casual and hardcore gamer alike, can mobile games account for half of the market before the decade is over? How about ever? Only time will tell.
May 07, 2015
“Dom, I’d like to order a rebranding, completely rebuilt products and, while you’re at it, over 1,500% growth within 6 years Wanting to be more than just pizza, in early 2009, Domino’s embarked on an ambitious journey to break-free of its traditional cardboard flavoring and leave behind a brand...
May 07, 2015
​If you ever want to confirm your assumption about a new marketing trend, all you have to do is follow the money. A recent spate of direct and anecdotal evidence suggests the cash is flowing into mobile advertising in general and mobile video advertising in particular. Moreover, I believe the evidence is compelling enough to at least consider an investment in mobile video advertising.
May 06, 2015
No digital ink has been spilled on any topic more than the “rise of mobile.” What is worth noting though is that the explosion of mobile computing has led to one particularly important outcome for our discussion – chat apps have grown at an even faster pace than mobile.
messaging apps