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March 20, 2015
Yesterday's editorial in The Brown Daily Herald did not discuss the impact of social media on a student's reputation. No, this editorial discussed the impact student social media posts have on the overall reputation of Brown University and how Brown is perceived by prospective students and their parents as a result.
February 13, 2015
Social media’s direct, interactive communication offers your business a great opportunity to obtain feedback on products and services, allows you to build more personalized relationships and it provides the opportunity to learn more about your client base through your non business postings.
Turn a negative social media post into a positive, Robert Nissenbaum of Tactical Social Media, Greater Seattle Area
February 04, 2015
We should all aware by now that what we post online, especially public content, will live forever. What you post can have profound, long term effects on your brand reputation. Even a single post, tweet or comment can take on a life of its own.
January 21, 2015
Has you recently been hit by some poor reviews? Don’t panic. If you play your cards right, they can actually work for the betterment of your business.
January 12, 2015
Social media is kind of like a “digital word of mouth” and when done right you hope readers will pass it on and on… However, when done wrong, you can bet they will pass it on, fast.
January 07, 2015
Reputation management is more about prevention than it is about reacting to one or two upset customers. It is also important to recognize that you need to develop and manage your online reputation even if your company does not sell anything online.
January 07, 2015
Since social media is a leading tool for online internet exposure, it is important that businesses take advantage of this technology wonder to improve their online reputation management and reap the rewards. This post is about how to use social media to improve your online reputation management.
December 20, 2014
On the heels of the North Korean hacking debacle related to the film "The Interview," Sony wasted a golden public relations opportunity.
December 15, 2014
Why is it a problem to complain or brag about your kids on social networks? Take a listen to this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to hear my thoughts on this very important topic. I share some solid reasons that you need to think twice about what you post. I also provide some proactive strategies and tips to help your child and teen stay safe online while still building their online persona and brand.
December 03, 2014
How do you react to negative feedback on Social Media? Do you have a plan in place for such an occasion. More and more businesses are setting standards for their company and it's actions on social media.