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May 01, 2015
If you do any kind of marketing on Facebook at all, here's a complaint you're sure to have heard (or even made yourself), "Nobody's engaging with my posts anymore. It's like I'm invisible." Indeed, sometimes it seems like it's Zuckerberg's world and we're just posting in it. But is that simply a difficult fact that the small/medium-sized business has to deal with these days? Or is there a way around the network's sometimes crushing algorithm updates? What's a bootstrapping entrepreneur to do?
April 28, 2015
Many decision makers still do not understand the importance of social media in a marketing strategy. Even more annoyingly, they are not learning quickly enough. So how do you make the decision makers understand the importance of social media? Short answer: You don't!
Dealing With Resistance To Your Social Media Strategy
April 20, 2015
Many marketers focus on campaign components with low ROI impact potential instead of implementing the right technology during the right lifecycle phase to free up time for critical tasks like content production and strategy. And since we aren’t going to get an extra 8 hours in the day anytime soon, we’ve put together a handy infographic to help you map out time management for your team.
April 19, 2015
Building a strong brand awareness strategy isn’t just a great idea — a solid strategy helps you directly impact your company’s bottom line sales figures. A great brand awareness strategy requires a multi-faceted approach to improving brand engagement with past, current, and future customers. In a world where 70 percent of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated, it is incredibly important that brands establish a loyal following of active customers.
brand awareness
April 14, 2015
“Is social media actually helping your bottom line?” That’s the question asked by Frank V. Cespedes in the Harvard Business Review. And he answers it quite boldly: #Nope. This is the great fear of content marketers, that elephant in the room. The idea that all of the effort and time put into social media has been for nothing, that the measurable returns were measurements that didn’t mean anything.
April 14, 2015
Even if your lead generation plans haven’t rolled out quite how you expected them too, don’t be disheartened B2B marketer. There’s plenty of time for you to pull back those results. By following these 3 steps to recovery you should be well on your way to lead generation success this year.
April 06, 2015
Since social media rewrote the book on marketing, the debate about what it actually delivers for business is hot. With budgets tight and resources stretched, business owners want to know: if I invest – what’s the ROI? Some might think this is a fair question. I think it’s the wrong question.
March 19, 2015
“For all good business leaders, there comes a day when you realize: ‘What got us here, won’t get us where we need to go,’” says Jonathan Becher, SAP’s longtime CMO (and now their Chief Digital Officer). Here are some of the insights Becher has gleaned on how even global corporations should continue to expand their horizons.
March 13, 2015
Profit divided by spend. A formula so essential to marketers, it’s become almost a rite of passage among professionals, and absolutely critical to evaluating performance. But in reality, calculating and optimizing ROI can be much more complicated than you may think. Unlike other business functions, marketing departments can have an especially intricate supply chain.
March 12, 2015
2015 is already turning out to be another exciting, if not challenging year for marketers. Two major consumer trends around mobile devices and social engagement are turning the traditional marketing funnel upside down. Last year, mobile web viewing matched or surpassed desktop for the first time...