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April 25, 2015
If you’re having trouble convincing your boss, business partners, clients or even yourself that social media marketing is worthwhile, then read on. Everyone talks about how social media builds brand and product awareness, but what does that mean, and how does it do that?
social media marketing
April 25, 2015
This week we found ourselves sitting in camp chairs, bundled up in warm coats, wearing winter gloves and covered in blankets, to watch our son play on his Middle School baseball team. The only thing this team could win is the Bad News Bears Look-Alike Contest.
sales commitment
April 21, 2015
By listening to prospects and customers through conversations, social, search, formal research – we can get a clear sense of what business problems they wrestle with long before they need our products. That's what we create content to address.
April 16, 2015
The sales process has dramatically changed since the arrival of search engines and social media. According to a report by CEB, 57% of buying decisions are already made before there is any interaction between a buyer and a sales rep. Another study by Harvard Business Review reported that 90% of C-level executives never respond to cold calls or email blasts.
April 15, 2015
Every successful sale is made not so much because of the excellence of your product or of your sales pitch, but because consciously or unconsciously you have found the human reason why your prospect should buy: You have found the door to their motivation and have opened it. The more you understand the function of human motivation, the more successfully you will sell.
April 13, 2015
The hot topic in sales and marketing is a term called Social Selling; this is a process that is created using the power of social networking. I truly believe that the sales process has completely changed. If you’re in a sales position, gone are the days of cold calls if you’re able to harness the power of selling via social.
April 13, 2015
The odds are that your organization is spending fist-fulls of dollars on inbound marketing and generating qualified leads, many of which do not close that quarter, or the next. That's because qualified doesn't necessarily mean "ready to buy today"!
b2b marketing
April 06, 2015
For management consulting firms, finding new sources of business is an increasingly urgent challenge. But today’s leading firms are rising to the occasion by making transformative use of their websites. When we surveyed over 500 professional services firms to ask about their biggest marketing priorities and business challenges in 2015, over 72% of firms identified “attracting and developing new business” as their top challenge for the coming year. But it’s an even higher priority for management consulting firms, cited by 81% of respondents in the industry.
April 05, 2015
One of the most important parts of the L2R strategy is to select the right technology infrastructure, which includes a conversion-ready website, CRM system and marketing automation system. Here are nine guidelines to help you make the right selection.
lead conversion tech
March 25, 2015
Complex business processes like the supply chain aren't what most people associate with social business. With so much focus on social media and marketing, most enterprises prioritize front-end social goals that touch customers. This is true even for companies that have an enterprise-wide social strategy or have adopted sophisticated capabilities like social analytics to track and better understand social behavior.
Social in the Supply Chain