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March 25, 2015
Complex business processes like the supply chain aren't what most people associate with social business. With so much focus on social media and marketing, most enterprises prioritize front-end social goals that touch customers. This is true even for companies that have an enterprise-wide social strategy or have adopted sophisticated capabilities like social analytics to track and better understand social behavior.
Social in the Supply Chain
March 25, 2015
Many sales people think they don’t have the time in their daily or weekly schedule to do social selling the proper way. The reality is, once you get down a routine, it will only require about 15-20 minutes per day… preferably in the beginning of your day, of networking, content, and posting. Those few minutes per day can be big gains later down the road.
5 Misconceptions About Social Selling
March 20, 2015
In business schools and marketing seminars, offering discounts is almost universally given as a way to jumpstart sales and create customer interest. Things sometimes work that way, but we also have to be aware that asking people to give less for what we do or provide can also take away some of its perceived value in their minds. Do that too often, and you might not ever get it back
March 16, 2015
Don’t email contact@ or info@ looking to have a personal conversation. There are plenty of tools to get the actual email address of people so you can address them directly. Anything else makes you seem lazy and impersonal. I also love when people add the postscript “Are you not the right person? Please forward this to the person who is.” Could you be any more lazy? Do I get a cut of your commission? Come on.
Effective Prospecting Do's and Dont's
March 13, 2015
We caught up with Mark Leslie, Principal of Leslie Ventures in Silicon Valley, Lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and author of " The Sales Learning Curve ," and asked him the most important things to consider in understanding your sales process and cycle.
March 13, 2015
Not everyone who connects with your firm is an actionable lead. Whether they have engaged with your firm through social media, your website, your blog, or other channels, many of these folks will live at the top of the sales funnel forever. But for those who do make their way down the funnel, the story isn’t over.
March 12, 2015
Do you need to increase revenues? Companies with strong alignment between marketing and sales achieve 20% revenue growth. Here's how to do it.
March 11, 2015
It’s interesting that we regularly read articles or comments about high levels of staff turnover, but it is very rare to discover any commentary about customer turnover – it is almost as if it is a taboo subject; that there is shame attached to it, an embarrassment. Why? I suppose it is an admission of failure.
March 10, 2015
B2B sales, simply put, take longer. The sales cycle is longer and the decision making process is more drawn-out. But lots of B2B companies and B2B sales people are still struggling to overcome their sense of impatience – and are inadvertently driving customers away as a result.
March 09, 2015
In this article you will learn how to use online tracking data optimize the customer experience , and h ow to integrate offline channels – such as the phone – into an omnichannel strategy.
Winding customer journey cartoon