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small business

June 05, 2016
Once you've decided to start a small business, one of they key next steps is how to promote it. This infographic outlines five ways in which people can get the word about about their new venture.
5 Ways to Promote Your Small Business [Infographic] | Social Media Today
February 08, 2016
Small business owners may find it challenging navigating through the fast-paced world of social media. Their resources are valuable and they don’t want to waste any of it. Here’s a list of free social media tools that will save them both time and money.
33 Free Social Media Marketing Tools for Small Business Owners
January 22, 2016
Facebook is the largest social network on the planet with over 1 billion active users. If you don’t have a Facebook presence by now, you might as well wave a white flag of surrender. For small businesses, especially those in the B2C space, there are many opportunities to drive offers to a targeted audience here. But Facebook has made advertising for the small business crowd more difficult in terms of placement of ads and reach because they are more supportive of larger advertisers.
November 18, 2015
It’s f inally dawned on me why so many hyperlocal businesses hate Yelp and are so afraid of review sites in general. There was massive backlash against the new site Peeple , which was originally marketed as a “Yelp for individuals."
November 12, 2015
After two kids and six years of “just running,” Sally Bergesen was ready to run competitively once more. But, a quick trip to the store to gear up ended in disappointment: Everything was either too poofy, too baggy, too high-waisted, or completely wrong in the color department. Frustrated with the lack of quality (and cute) running gear available to women, Sally created Oiselle.
September 28, 2015
Earlier this year, Cision launched Cision Social Edition, a tool to help content marketers and brands simply their social needs, extend the lifespan of content, and reach new audiences using sponsored placements, and more.
September 28, 2015
Brand building can help you win new clients, command premium fees, and attract and retain the very best talent. But how do you do it?
Top 5 Branding Strategies for Professional Services Firms
September 23, 2015
A budget isn’t just reserved for those low on cash — even the high rollers of the world can’t spend more than they have. The same goes for your businesses. A budget allows you to prioritize and track spending so that you stay within your means while still achieving your goals.
September 29, 2015
The concept of bringing our true selves to work is not new, and the theme of authenticity (which is another way of saying that) has been part of the business lexicon for a while now . So why does it still feel like we're cogs in the machine?
August 24, 2015
A survey released by Manta shows that nearly 50% of businesses have increased their time on social media channels in the last year, according to Michael Fertik at Forbes. Another 55% of businesses surveyed are actively using social media marketing for lead generation and customer engagement. Yet, 60% of small businesses reported no return on investment for their social media marketing.