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January 15, 2017
Snapchat saw a raft of changes and challenges in 2016. This infographic provides an overview of the app's development.
Snapchat: A Year in Review [Infographic] | Social Media Today
January 12, 2017
Snapchat's adding a new search bar to help users better navigate their contacts.
Snapchat’s Adding a New Search Bar, a First Step Towards Improved Search Functionality | Social Media Today
January 03, 2017
Looking for ways to boost your social media marketing strategy in 2017? Here are some ideas.
5 Newer Social Media Marketing Options to Consider in 2017 | Social Media Today
December 30, 2016
Which is better for your business - Snapchat or Instagram? This post examines the differences between the two.
Snapchat vs Instagram - Which Platform is Better for Your Brand? | Social Media Today
December 28, 2016
Are you up to date with these three rising social media trends?
Are You Implementing any of These 3 Social Media Marketing Trends? | Social Media Today
December 23, 2016
Even in the final days leading into Christmas, the major social platforms are still squeezing out last-minute updates and features of note.
5 Social Platform Updates You Need to Know About – Christmas Edition | Social Media Today
December 22, 2016
What happens if Facebook eventually beats Snapchat at its own game?
Will Facebook Beat Snapchat at its Own Game – and What Will that Mean for the App? | Social Media Today
December 20, 2016
Instagram has unveiled a new update for Stories, including location stickers and hands-free recording.
Instagram Updates Stories for the Holidays, Adding Stickers and Hands-Free Recording | Social Media Today
December 15, 2016
Facebook is rolling out a whole new set of visual features for the holidays in Messenger.
Facebook Launches New Camera Tools for Messenger, Including Masks, Frames and More | Social Media Today
December 15, 2016
This infographic puts all the features of Snapchat and Instagram Stories side-by-side, showing the exact differences between the two.
A Comparison of Snapchat and Instagram Stories [Infographic] | Social Media Today