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August 24, 2016
Instagram has added a range of recent changes, but in this post, contributor Justin Kerby suggest that more could be done to boost user engagement.
4 ways facebook can improve instagram
August 24, 2016
The social media team from Harvard Medical School have been trying some of the new features available on Facebook and Snapchat. Here’s what they’ve found.
August 23, 2016
Snapchat introduced their new "Memories" function in July - here's a quick outline of how to use it.
August 18, 2016
Looking for ways to boost your performance on Snapchat? Here are some tips from contributor Austin Iuliano.
6 Ways to Boost Your Snapchat Engagement | Social Media Today
August 18, 2016
How can Snapchat's acquisition of search app Vurb help them expand their offering? Contributor Justin Kerby examines in this post.
snapchat justin kerby vurb
August 16, 2016
New data shows that Snapchat use hasn't declined in the wake of Instagram rolling out their new 'Stories' feature.
New Data Shows Instagram Stories is Not Slowing Snapchat Use - Yet | Social Media Today
August 15, 2016
Snapchat has reportedly purchased recommendation app Vurb for around $110 million, which could see the ephemeral content platform move into search.
Snapchat Moving into Search, Purchases Vurb for $110 Million | Social Media Today
August 15, 2016
Instagram Stories may be a direct copy of Snapchat, but in some ways, it's already ahead - here are seven such reason why Instagram is better.
7 Important Reasons Why Instagram Stories are Superior to Snapchat | Social Media Today
August 13, 2016
How does Instagram's new 'Stories' feature work, and how can brands use it to advantage?
August 12, 2016
While some advertisers are hesitant to jump onto Snapchat, the platform provides some great opportunities for brands.
3 Ways Snapchat Can Boost Your Bottom Line | Social Media Today