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June 26, 2015
In a r ecent episode of Gary Vaynerchuk’s ‘#AskGaryVee’ video series, one of the questions posed to Vaynerchuk was “why are so many people afraid of Snapchat , especially in the marketing field?” This is an interesting query – th e general view within the social media marketing community seems to be that Snapchat is a bit risky and probably not a good fit for most brands. But given the platform’s evolution that perspective is probably no longer true.
Why Are Marketers Afraid of Snapchat? | Social Media Today
June 25, 2015
Citi is one of the biggest financial services providers in the world, managing more than 200 million customer accounts and operating in over 140 nations across the world. Given the vast diversity of the group, which includes Citibank, CitiFinancial and Banamex , among others, managing the organisation’s social media presence is an equally diverse task – I spoke to Heather Dahill , Director and U.S. Head, Content and Social, Citi Consumer Bank, to get some insights into how Citi goes about doing just that.
Big Brand Theory: Citi Brings Clients Together Through Social Engagement | Social Media Today
June 17, 2015
Yahoo’s been slowly but surely trying to change their staid image over the last few years, and their latest update is an exciting new hire: former JCPenney CMO Debra Berman has been hired as Yahoo’s senior VP of consumer marketing, the first ever incarnation of that role at the company. According to CMO Kathy Savitt’s blog post announcing the hire, Berman will “oversee product marketing, help drive audience engagement and lead consumer brand strategy.”
Debra Berman Yahoo VP
June 06, 2015
One-click buying is cropping up everywhere these days. All the major social media platforms are looking to integrate in-stream purchases, with Instagram and Pinterest the latest to join the conversation. But why is there such a big focus on in-stream purchases? Will it really make that big a difference?
Why the Focus on In-Stream Purchases and One-Click Buying in Social Media? | Social Media Today
June 06, 2015
The majority of marketers and business owners have come to understand the significance and necessity of social media in the modern world. However, the reasons for such importance are yet to be determined extensively. Social media, especially the content that finds some buzz through the platform, retains the power to make individuals act in certain ways that affect business owners in a positive manner. Here are some of the newest research findings that can help you gauge whether you are making the apt social media marketing choices for your business.
June 06, 2015
Social media has completely changed the game in terms of customer interaction for businesses, but is that a positive or negative? This post highlights the good and bad of social interaction for businesses with their customers.
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May 21, 2015
Employee advocacy is the promotion of a brand through its employees. But the question is, how can this work for your brand? Here I will also show you how this has transformed the way F5 handles social selling, allowing the company to reach 2.4 million connections/ contacts every day.
May 20, 2015
Two social platforms just announced new uses and both have to do with the digital music world, signaling continued innovation aimed at millennials. Spotify and Snapchat have both made carrying your music with you easier than ever and these recent announcements take mobile music consumption to the...
Snapchat Spotify Tidal
May 18, 2015
I spoke to Scot Cottick, Senior Manager Social Media Marketing, Nissan North America, to discuss how the company approaches social and utilises the medium to best effect.
Big Brand Theory
May 16, 2015
While new amazing social media intelligence tools are making it easier than ever before to listen, analyze data, gain insights and make informed decisions, there is a real danger to over-automate. Join Natascha Thomson and a panel of thought leaders at The Social Shake-Up 2015 for a special workshop on finding the balance between mindful marketing and the temptations of automation.
Social Shake-Up