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February 04, 2016
Back in 2010, I sounded like Henny Penny. Instead of telling people, “The sky is falling!” I was telling them, “Social media isn’t just about marketing – it will impact all parts of your business!” Back then, to help my clients think strategically about social, I worked with Palladium Group (founders of the Balanced Scorecard) to develop a Social Business Strategy Map. We based the map on my experience developing strategic frameworks for more than 30 companies. Our goal was to ensure that companies were aligning their strategies with their operations. Some forward-looking CMOs got on board – but mostly, companies just weren’t ready to frame this emerging field in a larger business context.
December 31, 2015
The biggest challenge to managing and measuring your social media campaigns is knowing what metrics are truly important to your business. But that question is critical - this post outlines five actionable metrics every social media campaign should track and optimize.
December 30, 2015
In a new episode of The Social Business Engine podcast, Bernie Borges speaks with Jim Williams, Vice President of Marketing at Influitive.
Why the Modern CMO is Like a Mutual Fund Manager | Social Media Today
December 22, 2015
In a new Social Business Engine podcast, Bernie Borges speaks with Kirsten Chiala, Digital Content Manager, Social Media Communications at Cisco, to discuss how her team uses both thought leadership and creative content to its engage their audience.
December 22, 2015
The customer of 2016 is on his way, and the fight for the online attention of customers has already begun. Your customers on social media are changing really fast. Managing social media networks, you might have already noticed that the requirements of the audience to products and services are rapidly growing. Mobile revolution accelerates the change in users’ behavior.
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December 18, 2015
In a new 'All the Social Ladies' podcast, Carrie Kerpen speaks with Bree Noble, founder of the Women of Substance radio network and podcast, which seeks to help promote female artists
All The Social Ladies Podcast: Bree Noble | Social Media Today
December 17, 2015
Is your marketing making promises that you can’t keep? As we strive to stand out in the ever increasing noise of the online world, sometimes, marketers are falling victim to over-promising as a means to stand out. But breaking a promise can do a lot more harm than good. In a new podcast, Pam Moore looks at how you can avoid falling into this trap.
7 Tips to Increase Conversions By Keeping Your Digital and Social Media Promises | Social Media Today
December 16, 2015
Companies are thriving in the collaborative economy space, as demonstrated by the fact that they’ve receiving $15 billion in funding – so far. In this post, Bryan Kramer argues that rather than seeing the end of the collaborative economy model, we're only seeing the start of it.
Why the Collaborative Economy is Just Getting Started | Social Media Today
December 16, 2015
In a new episode of The Social Business Engine podcast, Bernie Borges speaks with James Moat, the Director of Global Digital Communications at Avery Dennison to discuss the company's path to becoming a social business.
How Avery Dennison is Mobilizing Employees to Get Social [Podcast] | Social Media Today
December 14, 2015
We're back, better than ever this year. Mark your calendars because we're announcing the fourth annual Social Shake-Up in Atlanta, May 24th-25th.
Announcing The Social Shake-Up 2016