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social customer

November 11, 2015
In a new 'Focus on Customer Service' podcast, Dan Gingiss and Dan Moriarty speak with Sarah Maloy , Senior Manager of Content Marketing for Shutterstock , to find out how the image selling giant manages its social media presence to best effect.
September 29, 2015
If you struggle to make and retain new customers, you’re hardly alone. In fact, acquiring new customers is often named as one of biggest challenges facing SMEs . But there are tried and true tactics to acquiring new leads - here's a guide on some key processes to follow.
Stop Wasting Time. Create Customers | Social Media Today
July 16, 2015
It’s as if the two main social media outlets that clients use to speak to brands were in cahoots. Two months ago, Twitter allowed users to send private messages to brands without following them. Two weeks ago, Facebook enticed brands to respond to all private messages as quickly as possible. That same day, Twitter announced that users could (finally) send private messages longer than 140 characters. What are the implications of these announcements, and why are they doing more than simply accelerating the transformation of interactions between customers and brands via social media, which had already begun? Let’s get some answers.
June 17, 2015
Social media analytics company Locowise has published a new report showing a staggering 87% of user posts on brand Facebook pages are unanswered. The report highlights the widening gap between customer expectation and business response in social.
87% of User Posts on Facebook Pages Ignored [Report]
November 13, 2014
Companies are still struggling to understand that they need to be available and responsive to customers on social media. What will it take to get them to understand this imperative?
September 25, 2014
Don Bulmer and I are thrilled to share the findings of our latest study, The Social Consumer, and we think this is the most exciting one yet! We researched the factors that inform, impact and shape trust, loyalty and preferences of the digitally connected consumer. Here are the highlights.
August 28, 2014
With well over a billion people using social media everyday, and a growing trend toward people engaging with their favorite (and not so favorite) brands online, why wouldn’t you want to be available for customers to connect with you?
July 02, 2014
Felt a little lower or happier than usual for a week in January 2012? It might have been because of an "experiment" Facebook conducted on you. Facebook identified 689,003 English-speaking users to run a psychological experiment on for the duration of a week.
July 02, 2014
Instagram is possibly the new lifeblood of social media platforms for small businesses. Is that overdramatic? Whether you’re brand spanking new to the world of Instagram or have found yourself unsure of how to manage your account, here are some tips to turn you into a small business Instagram marketing guru.
July 02, 2014
Here are five guiding principles and a couple of handy online tools to guide your social media activity and help you create a social media following that sticks. This group of people will become an asset that continues to appreciate over time as they share, promote and re-purpose your best content.