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August 21, 2015
It's the burning question everyone wants to know the answer to, and here Barry Feldman has scoured the Internet in search of answers. If you're wondering, "what social tactics are the most effective?" here is a compilation of the best of the best, including a beginner's guide.
August 20, 2015
Like every social platform, there’s a learning curve for how to use Twitter. But also like every social platform, there aren’t any specific rules. The confluence of these two truths can be mind-boggling. Here is a compilation of some dos and don'ts that should help guide your Twitter strategy.
Twitter Tips and Strategies
August 21, 2015
As the Vice President of Global Marketing for Auntie Anne’s, Heather Neary is responsible for the strategic planning, marketing, and menu development for the Auntie Anne’s brand. She provides guidance on all domestic and international locations as well as oversight to our retail efforts in the United States. In this episode of the All the Social Ladies podcast Heather discusses how social media is best used for customer service.
August 18, 2015
Bar Roulette Tired of going to the same old bars but feel too lazy to do all the Yelp and word-of-mouth research required to find a new favorite? Never fear: there’s an app for that. The premise of Bar Roulette--which is not quite an app yet, but works from the website--is similar to that of Chat...
3 Cool New Apps to Know About
August 18, 2015
Each of these serves to introduce matrimonial users to online and mobile wedding tools. Today's social-mobile, younger couples demand tools that efficiently fit into the rest of their lives. Because of this, Silicon Valley is “really starting to rally around weddings,” as Carolyn Gerin, co-founder of the WedTech Summit explains . "Millennials are not looking at tradition. They don’t care if Martha Stewart says it’s all about pink cupcakes.”
August 17, 2015
The Hill has a pair of recent articles about social media and the still-far-off 2016 presidential election. The first, "Trump towers over 2016 field in social media" by Caroline Kelly and Austin Yack, is a nuts and bolts ranking of the contenders based on their like and follower counts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
social media today
August 14, 2015
Armed with cameras, laptops, and the gift to produce visceral content, social media influencers are taking over the world. A report by Variety found that the five most influential figures among Americans ages 13-18 are all YouTube influencers, eclipsing mainstream celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and Katy Perry,
August 07, 2015
If you hopped on Twitter or Facebook last night, chances are you saw tweets about # GOPDebate . For a few hours, it seemed to be all anyone could discuss, as the nation tuned in to watch a hotly anticipated verbal showdown between ten candidates for the Republican nomination for president. Whichever party viewers felt partial to, one thing was consistent: viewer reaction was strong and vocal.
Synethsio's #GOPDebate Data
August 09, 2015
In 2016, the United States will again elect a president. Even though the election is more than year away, candidates already are starting to campaign. The problem with recent elections has been that voters are apathetic about the election, the campaigns and the actual voting. If you’re running for office, here's how you can generate more interest in presidential campaigns.
August 07, 2015
Via Shutterstock Last night the Republican Party held the first two debates of the 2016 presidential election. Two debates because, due to the overabundance of candidates in the GOP field , one debate was held for 10 front runners while another debate, held earlier in the day, was host to 7 of the...