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social media

March 30, 2015
Almost all the social media marketing strategies start with delivering message to the masse, promoting brand image and reaching out to the targeted audience as far as possible. However, after a month or two, we start realizing the harsh reality that nobody is interested in buying our theory.
marketing and trust
March 27, 2015
When experts want to study animal behavior they don’t go to a zoo, they go to the species’ natural habitat, because that is where they are in their truest form. I believe this is analogous to marketers gathering information from a traditional focus group versus using what I call the Limitless Focus Group of consumers sharing their insights through social media networks.
March 27, 2015
For most brands now, social media is key. It reflects their personality. The chance to engage, react, promote. They can tackle problems instantly and get good press in the process. They can also go viral – brands love that. Sometimes it’s not even from the brand themselves. Adam Paterson, an employee of ASDA, recently proved that...
March 26, 2015
It’s a story as old as social networks themselves. Social sites begin to gain steam and the influx of user generated content becomes difficult for moderation teams to manage. Site owners who don’t already have strict policies in place are then faced with a choice. Should they modify their terms of service in an effort to protect their brand and their community from potentially harmful content, or leave things as they are? This delicate question, which is directly related to issues of online privacy and censorship, has been hotly debated in recent media reports
March 25, 2015
Complex business processes like the supply chain aren't what most people associate with social business. With so much focus on social media and marketing, most enterprises prioritize front-end social goals that touch customers. This is true even for companies that have an enterprise-wide social strategy or have adopted sophisticated capabilities like social analytics to track and better understand social behavior.
Social in the Supply Chain
March 25, 2015
There is another system that is picking up notoriety on the web and it is called online networking enhancement. Social networking streamlining or SMO includes strategies for getting attention through online groups, online networking and sites.
March 25, 2015
If you’re in a small company, have a simple discussion with the leadership team. Ask them what types of social media related issues they want to be informed about urgently. By urgently I mean outside of normal reporting routines (yes you need to have a normal reporting routine, and no, annual reporting is not acceptable – go for bi-monthly at the longest). After you figure out what the leadership wants to hear about, make sure that you have the authority to seek help from them whenever you need it, and especially if you feel like you're out of your element.
7 Survial Tips for the Solo Social Media Strategist
March 25, 2015
Many sales people think they don’t have the time in their daily or weekly schedule to do social selling the proper way. The reality is, once you get down a routine, it will only require about 15-20 minutes per day… preferably in the beginning of your day, of networking, content, and posting. Those few minutes per day can be big gains later down the road.
5 Misconceptions About Social Selling
March 24, 2015
Nowadays, social media is one of the most important channels for customers to reach out to with complaints or questions. What happens behind the scenes usually stays a secret. How exactly is your brand handling social customer care? And more importantly, how are you organizing your social customer care team?
March 24, 2015
The power that social media and technology can have on a business when used correctly can be incredible. Enough to cement a brand's complete ethos and personality while offering a platform of engagement with customers, both can boost sales and promotional activities to produce unrivaled results. In recent years, 'The Year of the Mobile' has been predestined, each year surpassing expectations to grow into a more powerful necessity in a marketer’s toolbox.