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December 07, 2016
Here's a roundup of the conversation from our December #SMTLive twitter chat looking back at social media in 2016.
November 28, 2016
An echo chamber is a space that surrounds us with similar attitudes to our own, which can greatly reduce our understanding.
How to Escape an Evolving Social Echo Chamber | Social Media Today
November 08, 2016
Here are some key trends and changes you can expect to see coming in social media and digital marketing in 2017.
24 Predictions for Social Media and Social Media Marketing in 2017 | Social Media Today
October 13, 2016
What will be the next evolution of social media and digital communications? Simon Kemp follows the tech threads in this post.
October 04, 2016
How did the Presidential candidates utilize social media before, during and after the first debate? Contributor Jeff Rum examines in this post.
July 31, 2016
American designer Christian Siriano is shaking things up in fashion, as reflected in the social media discussion around his most recent creations.
Body Politics of Fashion in Social | Social Media Today
July 15, 2016
Much like the debut of the internet or the smartphone, technological advancements have placed society on the verge of another seismic shift - virtual reality is coming.
Friends Experiencing Virtual Reality
June 10, 2016
Given the evolutions in how social media is used by brands and individuals alike, is it really still "social". Contributor Chris Horton poses the question in this post.
Is it Time to Ditch the Term “Social”? | Social Media Today
March 08, 2016
The interesting thing about Facebook's 'Reactions' is the amount of data it provides - and not just to Facebook. Sure, Facebook is now learning the nuances of the way you emotionally react to your feed, insomuch as emojis communicate nuance, but now you can go beyond a simple “like,” which, as powerful a data tool as that is for organizations, is pretty one-dimensional.
March 01, 2016
Traditionally, businesses avoid taking positions on public policy issues for the simple reason that their goal is to maximize sales. Taking an issue position runs the risk of alienating potential customers on the other side of that issue. But increasingly, businesses are finding that either their customer base is far more likely to favor a particular policy position or the company’s leadership has a strong position that they are willing to endorse even if it costs some customers. Regardless of the reason, it is certain that businesses need to think carefully about taking a public-facing policy position and be willing to stick to their decision. Otherwise, they likely risk a social media marketing crisis.