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January 17, 2015
2014 was a great year for content marketers. We saw our social feeds fill up with everything from blogs, infographics and e-books, to white papers, podcasts and videos. We created and posted more content than ever before, which has resulted in 93% of organizations now using content to market their brand.
December 10, 2014
Feeling frustrated because you can't figure out how to make your customers happy? These stats will show you what you need to do to earn their loyalty and keep them coming back for more this holiday season and throughout the new year.
July 17, 2014
Everybody has an opinion. It’s nothing special. It proves nothing, not unless you’ve got the numbers to back up your propositions. Numerical data is absolutely essential to creating a successful blog. People don’t just want an actionable agenda, they want cold hard facts, supporting details, and colorful charts and graphs to back up whatever crazy ideas they’ve come up with.
March 16, 2014
There are enough restaurants in New York City for one person to eat out every night for 54 years and never visit the same place twice. If WalMart employees were an army, it would have the second largest military in the world. Do these facts help your social media strategy? Most likely not.
January 06, 2014
Welcome to our third annual roundup of statistics for social media use in the UK. As in previous years, this post is written using the best data we could find at the start of 2014, looking at demographics, overall user numbers, and any other interesting snippets we came across.
December 19, 2013
While no single industry statistic should stand alone in informing future plans and strategies, a broader snapshot of social network trends, social consumer behaviors and brand social media results can help inform the big picture of social going into 2014.
May 01, 2013
Moms are adopting new technologies faster than the average American. We've compiled the following facts and fictures to educate agencies and marketers about this key audience, the digital mom, so they can make the best strategic decisions for their brands.
February 21, 2013
Many people will tell you that Burger King's Twitter account being hacked is negative for their brand, but let's look at the numbers. The kind of press and attention they will receive as a result of the hack would have required nearly a $1,000,000 campaign investment.
March 01, 2012
Because there are many ways to quantify the value of social media, marketers continue to struggle with social measurement. Based on the collective response of over 320 marketers reflected in our first annual report on The State of Social Media Marketing: Top Areas For Social Marketing Investment and Biggest Social Marketing Challenges in 2012, we are starting to see clearly see measurement patterns based on industry, which are driven by the way they define social marketing success. In this blogpost we identify key social measurements that are most popular by industry.
February 22, 2012
The Super Bowl XLVI was a social media success thanks to the Indianapolis Super Bowl XLVI Host Committee and team at Raidious, who created and managed the first ever Super Bowl Social Media Command Center. Using the Awareness Social Marketing Hub, the were able to capture a tremendous amount of data and here is just a taste of what they will do with it.