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February 20, 2015
In addition to questions about the barriers to digital engagement and transformation , I’m also often asked what I think are the primary components of organizational success in the Digital Era. Building on the ideas in Becoming a Digital Organization: A Three-Phase Journey , I’ve developed a digital transformation framework that leverages a bricks and mortar metaphor
February 09, 2015
As part of a new body of research, a number of tech firms (along with firms from six other industries) were surveyed about their top business challenges and marketing priorities for 2015. The results are intended to offer insight into the best approaches for driving success in the coming year.
February 04, 2015
The overall personal computing market has been somewhat volatile. Given the current market outlook, that's unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.
February 03, 2015
We are addicted to our technological devices, we use them every day with friends, at work and even take them to bed with us. What many of us don't know is that our reactions to technology are largely engineered. This article shows you what these mechanisms are and what we can do about it.
January 11, 2015
The spectrum of possibilities for device applications within the Internet of Things (IoT) may be limited more by our own imagination than any other factor. As an example, consider the variety of demonstrations for small drone aircraft technology at the International CES 2015 this past week in Las Vegas.
December 12, 2014
Are effective online monopolies (Google has 90% of the European search market for example) a good or bad thing? Obviously in the real world monopolies are viewed with suspicion, particularly when a dominant position is then used to raise prices, unfairly squeeze competitors and generally provide a poor deal to customers. But a monopoly on its own is not enough for regulators to step in.
December 11, 2014
There are two basic groups of Internet of Things use cases. One is centered around enterprises and entrepreneurs looking to invent new IoT products or services, and the other focused on those looking to optimize their operations. And the truth is that many of our clients, the businesses who stand to gain or lose the most based on their IoT strategy, represent both roles. They are inventors, and they are operators as well.
December 04, 2014
The competition for market share in the mobile cloud arena will escalate during 2015. The cloud content and services markets -- enabled by the ubiquity of smartphones and media tablets -- are now the battleground between major content providers, device manufacturers and internet service providers.
December 01, 2014
As organizations become digital enterprises, various business functions – and the professionals who work in them – will be digitally transformed as well. External applications of social and digital technologies like marketing and sales are just the tip of the iceberg. Internal applications and implications will be far more extensive and significant, and virtually all functions and jobs will have a digital dimension to them. This essay offers food for thought and examples along these lines.

Data Drives Social Performance: The Benchmark Study on Organic Publishing on Social Networks

After analyzing 1.6 M posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, research has concluded that how you distribute your social posts is more important to improving your engagement than what you’re posting.