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April 25, 2015
Social media sites such as Twitter are always walking that fine line between allowing free speech and protecting their users against abusive tweets. As you can imagine, with the number of users Twitter has on their site on a daily basis in combination with the number of tweets sent, protecting users’ rights without stepping on the rights of someone else is a challenge.
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April 24, 2015
Let’s be honest – it’s pretty much impossible to know that you don’t know something that you don’t know. That’s why we’ve collected a list of our favorite little-known, hidden, or long-forgotten features on Facebook and Twitter.
April 22, 2015
Twitter has been one busy little bird this spring. While Twitter updates are not uncommon, it’s worth noting that this month alone, everyone’s favorite microblogging platform has released four significant updates to various feature sets. Do you know what they are?
April 20, 2015
​ Social media has exploded. People of all ages and backgrounds are using social media to share their experiences with their fan base, friends, and even complete strangers. The amount of options for sharing content socially continues to grow. Today I’ll focus on the exact social media outlets you need to incorporate into your online marketing game plan immediately.
April 17, 2015
Why and how do you start a conversation on this social network? What kind of message to post? Starting a conversation on Twitter is interesting, and it’s also a major issue for users of the social network. Indeed, most of the people who use it personally or professionally, especially Community Managers and everyone who has an account, would like to communicate with their followers.
April 17, 2015
While most marketers are focused on getting content into the news feeds of the world, it’s important to remember the less obvious functions and marketing applications of social channels. Here, I'm choosing to focus on Facebook and Twitter as they are the most advanced in paid capabilities and therefore starting to be overlooked in other areas.
April 15, 2015
Here’s the bad news about social media marketing: it demands an endless stream of content, updates, and interaction from you (and we know how busy you already are, right?) Here’s the good news: with the right framework, creating a healthy stream of social media content for your profiles will become much easier (and more effective to boot). Instead of taking a guess at what your fans and followers would be interested in seeing every time you send a tweet or post to Facebook, you can set up strategic categories from which to pull engaging content.
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April 14, 2015
This past week, the White House’s social media team reinvented the twitterbomb with a tweet slyly directed at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. By repurposing Netanyahu’s now famous bomb infographic used for Bibi’s 2012 speech at the United Nations, the Obama Administration simultaneously promoted its recent framework agreement with Iran over its nuclear program, created some highly “snackable” social media content and (indirectly) engaged Netanyahu via Twitter.
April 13, 2015
Believe it or not, Twitter is going to be turning 10 years old in 2016. Does that make anyone else feel old? And despite the fact that the social network has been around long enough to have become essential to everything from journalism to customer service to talk-radio, many entrepreneurs and small businesses still struggle with engaging and growing their fan base. So what exactly should the everyday entrepreneur be doing on a daily basis in order to convey the personality behind their business -- and by that same coin, what shouldn't they be doing?
April 09, 2015
If Twitter is one of your preferred social networks, and one where you reach a lot of followers, prospects and clients, consider participating in a #TwitterChat or hosting one of your own. Run properly, a Twitter Chat can help to build your Followers, reach out to prospects and referral sources, and help to grow your business. Come up with a great topic, do some planning and give it a try.
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