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October 06, 2015
A couple of weeks back, Twitter revealed that it's planning to switch off share counts as part of a change to its widely used tweet and follow buttons, an announcement which sparked many questions within the social media community. Now Twitter has sought to clarify, providing an explanation as to why the change is necessary.
Twitter Explains Why it’s Removing Share Counts from Tweet Buttons | Social Media Today
October 06, 2015
Twitter has unveiled a new feature called Moments which will showcase real-time events and discussion on the platform.
Twitter Launches Moments, a New Way to Discover Tweet Content | Social Media Today
October 06, 2015
The candidates will attempt to access prime time in your life. And down time too! Messaging and outreach, hyper-targeted right to your phone, tablet, desktop, whenever the candidates and their parties want to get your attention. How will you react? With a warm, passionate embrace, or an annoyed scowl aimed directly into the advanced technological components deep within your chosen device?
Democrat VS Republican fierce competition cartoon image.
October 06, 2015
​ Marketing is something that has become increasingly easy over recent years due to enhanced technology, yet increasingly difficult at the same time, due to a greater level of competition. One way to make your brand stand out is to utilize Twitter to best effect - here's some ways to do just that.
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October 05, 2015
Twitter has named Jack Dorsey, one of the company’s original co-founders, as permanent CEO of the service. Dorsey has been the interim CEO of Twitter since Dick Costelo stepped down three months ago.
October 01, 2015
An NPR article recently reveals that Twitter “has a very special handbook just for people running for elected office. And it's 136 pages long."
September 30, 2015
​ Sell something via a tweet. Twitter has been testing their buy button for two years. But today Twitter announced that the button is now available “to any merchant in the United States that uses one of three major e-commerce platforms to run its online shopping operations,” according to an article in The New York Times by Vindu Goel .
September 30, 2015
Despite exposing the government's most precious secrets and illegal activities, being the subject of an international manhunt, getting called a traitor and accused of high treason, ending up exiled from his own country, and having to make his home in a foreign country hostile to his own interests, it's nice to know that Edward Snowden is keeping his sense of humor about him.
September 29, 2015
The inside word is that Twitter is building a new product that will allow users to share tweets that are longer than the company’s 140-character limit. What that means, exactly, is unclear. Does that mean longer tweets? An integrated blogging option? Here's some ways an extension could be implemented.
Twitter Looking to Increase its 140-Character Limit – What it Could Mean for the Platform | Social Media Today
September 26, 2015
Twitter is reportedly looking to remove share counts from tweet buttons on websites, a move which could have an effect on content sharing behavior on the web.
Twitter Switching Off Share Counts in Change to Tweet and Follow Buttons | Social Media Today