Twitter changes

September 12, 2016
Twitter will reportedly release their exemptions to the 140-character limit next week.
Twitter’s 140 Character Exemptions to Come into Effect from Next Week | Social Media Today
May 28, 2016
Twitter announced this week that they'll be rolling out a series of changes to make it easier to tweet and get more out of the 140 character limit. Here's how the changes will affect the user experience.
Twitter Relaxes Restrictions on 140 Characters | Social Media Today
May 24, 2016
Twitter has announced a range of coming changes, including exemptions to the 140 character limit and improvements to how you reply and interact via tweet.
Twitter Announces Exemptions to 140 Character Limit, Simplifies Response | Social Media Today
May 16, 2016
Reports suggest that Twitter is looking to expand the length of tweets. Kind of. Images and links will soon be exempt from the total length count, giving you more room to type.
More Room to Tweet – Twitter to Stop Counting Photos and Links in 140-Character Limit | Social Media Today
March 18, 2016
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has told The Today Show that the 140-character limit for tweets will remain. At least for now.
Twitter Opts to Keep 140-Character Limit in Tweets - For Now at Least | Social Media Today
January 05, 2016
Could Twitter be looking to extend tweets beyond 140 characters? According to reports, the change is in the works - so what would that mean for the future of the platform?
Longer Tweets Coming Soon? Twitter Looking 'Beyond 140' | Social Media Today
August 28, 2015
Reports are swirling that Twitter's traditional star icon for favorites will soon change to a heart. Is that a big deal? Does it matter either way? On closer inspection you might.
The Great Twitter Debate: Stars or Hearts to Show Your Appreciation?
August 14, 2015
Earlier this week, Twitter lifted its character limit on private messages - here are three ways your Twitter game will improve after the character limit lifts.
Twitter Drops 140-Character Limit from Direct Messages: 3 Benefits for Twitter Business Users | Social Media Today
August 07, 2014
Dick Costolo, Twitter’s CEO, acknowledged “there’s this big gap, no doubt about it, between awareness of Twitter and engaged on Twitter.”
April 23, 2012
Some could argue that Twitter doesn’t need to change or improve since people are changing they way they use the platform. Twitter isn’t just known as a place for “shoutout’s” or a status update anymore. If you didn’t know that Twitter is one of the world’s kingpins when it comes to search engines, you have been living under a rock. The search feature on Twitter has become what millions are using it for daily; the ability to Tweet is becoming secondary to some, while they comb through endless feeds of hyper-specific information. I’m all for using Twitter for search, and often do, but I might like to see some new features ever once in a while, just to keep it interesting.