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February 08, 2016
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing strategies are getting more innovative to help land page advertisement. Similarly, YouTube is having a major impact on SEO rankings. Getting higher rankings for your page through YouTube videos is a grand strategy. Audiovisual influence is a clearer and stronger method as opposed to just using visual means for optimization.
YouTube optimization
February 05, 2016
Social media is constantly evolving -- it seems like there is always something new and exciting going on. Of course, it's also hard to keep up with sometimes. How do know which new channels to focus on, and how do you use what's out there to increase your social media presence? How do you separate the passing fads for emerging trends that will stick around?
February 02, 2016
If you've experimented with video in social, you may have noticed that successful YouTube content often tanks on Facebook. Or maybe you've wondered how your Instagram videos should differ from your Vines. In this post, we look at how to create high-performing videos for six top social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Vine and YouTube. You'll learn how to use video to educate, entertain, engage and more—regardless of the platform.
Woman smiling and using iPhone and laptop
January 19, 2016
Getting through to your customers is a tough gig. They ignore your calls, they've installed ad blocker across all of their devices, and they use Gmail to filter out your emails that took hours of brain power trying to come up with the perfect subject line. Bleak, isn't it?
sales weapon
December 29, 2015
The bottom line is this: you need video, and You Tube video is your best marketing option. Here's a post walking you through everything you need to know to create a great channel.
YouTube Video Marketing Guide
December 18, 2015
In the end, as you train yourself to read and understand even the general analytics reports, the better you will become at producing engaging content. We hope this behind the scenes look at our evolving YouTube channel will help you get more accustomed to reporting.
Leveraging Your Video Analytics: Mining the Outbrain YouTube Channel
January 15, 2016
The brains behind social networks have been promising to give the market internal social networks – that is, networks that are only available within a company for employee communication, reducing and/or altogether eliminating the need for email communication. With this kind of system, employees no longer have to sift through thousands of messages for relevant communications or contend with the vexation of reply-to-all threads.
November 23, 2015
Are you looking for better ways to connect with your Facebook audience? The social media king has offered businesses a new alternative in the form of Facebook video ads. Video is a very powerful tool, something we all understand after the success of various YouTube stars. However, all businesses are incorporating these video ads in their marketing campaign. How can you be different? The key to remember is that you can boost your engagement and conversions if you make small adjustments to the way you target and design your Facebook video ads.
November 12, 2015
In spite of recent news that Snapchat lost approximately 25 perecent of its valuation, the app seems to be growing quickly among its user base, with news yesterday that the company tripled its video views in just a few months. In May, the company reported 2 billion daily views. It now reports 6 billion daily views.
October 21, 2015
The relationship between Facebook Native Video and YouTube has been framed several ways - an epic battle, a showdown, a duel between giants. It’s also been portrayed as a mass exodus as if people were fleeing from YouTube and moving to the promised land of Facebook video. The analogies are a bit overdramatic , but they all allude to competition.