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September 02, 2015
A few months ago, my mother sent me a link to a YouTube video and told me to look for her among members of the choir. I watched the video. In it, folk singer Tony Turner sings a protest song against the Conservative government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The song is called “Harperman.” It’s a sendup of the misadventures of Stephen Harper and most of the choir members are from a Unitarian Church.
July 29, 2015
Videos are fun, of course, plus they share with customers the human side of brands. Through video we can hear the voices behind the brands speak, as well as witness the processes that go into the making of a product. But is anyone actually watching?
video marketing 2015
July 22, 2015
Vertical videos are irritating in such a small way that it seems petty to complain about them, but that isn't going to stop me from doing so. The scourge of casually filmed footage, vertical video is what happens when someone shoots something with their smart phone and holds it in the typical vertical fashion.
grass wrong
July 18, 2015
Wanna’ know who’s making the most watched video content across social channels? The team at video intelligence platform Tubular have started up a new, monthly listing of the most watched video creators across Facebook, YouTube, Vine and Instagram , providing an overview of who’s winning in video content, including data on total views for the month, engagement stats and new followers gained within the period.
The Most Popular Video Content Creators Across Social Channels – June 2015 | Social Media Today
July 02, 2015
Facebook Vs. YouTube for video content supremacy. It's been a hot topic, with video content proving an increasingly powerful weapon in the battle to effectively capture the attention online audiences. And while YouTube has been dubbed t he second largest search engine in the world, many signs p oint to the power of Facebook as the winning platform to publish videos. So which reigns supreme?
Video Content: Facebook Vs. YouTube for the Title | Social Media Today
June 18, 2015
Twitter has announced they'll be rolling out autoplay video in timelines, which had sparked a raft of discussion and blog posts online. But rather than go through all of them, here's a list of the 7 things you need to know about Twitter's autoplay video.
7 Things You Need To Know About Twitter Auto-Play Videos | Social Media Today
June 18, 2015
The Facebook Awards are timed to coincide with the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, where the international advertising world crowns its best creative w ork. Facebook will also attend Cannes, to encourage advertisers to use the platform in new ways, and to capitalize on the growth in international advertising that seems to make up more and more of Facebook’s revenue. According to AdWeek , “more than half of its [Facebook’s] ad revenue came from overseas” last ye a r. Here are the best of the best:
Love Has No Labels
June 17, 2015
Getting social with your video means big gains in brand engagement. Explore the top three ways to use video in social media so your brand is making connections, getting shared and starting a dialogue.
May 29, 2015
YouTube is turning 10, and it’s doing so in a very YouTube fashion: with an awesome video retrospective. The video, called “A-Z of YouTube: Celebrating 10 Years,” rolls through 26 video categories and their iconic representatives that, if you’ve been paying any attention to the Internet, will have you feeling nostalgic for the moment you first discovered that Harlem Shake video, or how you insisted your friend watch the Star Wars kid, or when the video of the deaf woman hearing her own voice for the first time warmed even your cold, brittle heart.
You Tube 10 Year Birthday
May 15, 2015
Ever one to seek out brevity, I think I’ve finally come up with a pithy way to sum up the last few years of digital marketing in a single sentence. Here goes. The world goes mobile; mobile is fast dominated by video; Facebook sees both trends coming and jumps in first; Facebook takes over the world. Ok, maybe taking over the entire world is a bit much, but with each passing day it’s becoming harder to argue with the notion that Facebook is on a clear path to dominate the digital marketing world.