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Tuesday, June 20th

ECommerce Trends and Statistics [Infographic]

Ecommerce business owners often get short on gravity regarding the formidable power and ROI of social media marketing. Is Facebook really responsible for the boost in sales your business has achieved? Is Twitter actually the driving force behind the increased traffic? Or should Pinterest and even Instagram be added into the equation?

Empirical evidence confirms that being social is what is takes to beat the odds when you are marketing your stuff online.

A survey was conducted to track more than half a million online orders made through ecommerce stores and several social media platforms appeared on the charts. They also gave insight and in-depth knowledge why ecommerce websites are losing shopping carts over some loop holes.

Here is the evidence that surfaced from Shopify

  • Facebook defends its throne with jaw dropping sales and social media traffic. Nearly two third majorities on Shopify sales and visits were captured through Facebook with breathtaking taking percentage of 85% in net orders within the social media circle.
  • Reddit also jumped up a notch from 2013 to 150% increased orders worldwide.

However, putting social media trophies up on the shelf is not just it as retailers still held reservations regarding shopping cart abandonments. These abandonments were imputed to sapless shipping polices such as unexpected shipping costs, mandatory user accounts, tiring checkouts and payment security concerns that were damaging the traffic on day to day routine.

The following eCommerce Infographic by FmeExtensions shows the statistics and trends of users on social media, cart abandonments and internet marketing.

eCommerce trends and statistics

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<a href=""><img src="" alt="ECommerce Trends and Statistics" width="580" /></a> <br /> <strong>Infographic by – <a href="">Fme Extensions</a></strong>

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