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January 18, 2017
Pinterest is adding ad groups to help businesses better manage their on-platform campaigns.
Pinterest Announced Ad Groups for Campaigns | Social Media Today
January 14, 2017
Here are five ways to use Pinterest to get more visitors to your site.
5 Pinterest Tips To Boost Website Traffic | Social Media Today
January 13, 2017
Pinterest has upgraded their Related Pins recommendation system to improve relevancy and context.
Pinterest Has a New System to Show More Relevant Related Pins | Social Media Today
December 07, 2016
Here are three bold predictions for the social media landscape in 2017.
3 bold social media predictions by justin kerby
December 02, 2016
This infographic outlines how to get more followers on Pinterest and boost your Pin presence.
28 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest [Infographic] | Social Media Today
December 01, 2016
Pinterest has added a new display option to help businesses showcase their best Pins.
Pinterest Adds ‘Showcase’ Option to Help Businesses Put Their Best Foot Forward | Social Media Today
November 26, 2016
Here are some key tips for driving awareness and sales with Pinterest.
How to Drive Awareness and Sales with Pinterest | Social Media Today
November 15, 2016
Pinterest has added a new 'Explore' section, as well as native video that autoplays in the feed.
Pinterest Adds ‘Explore’ Tab, Including Autoplay Video Ads | Social Media Today
November 11, 2016
Pinterest has announced a new checkmark to help people keep track of all the ideas and recipes they’ve tried out in the past.
Pinterest Adds New Checkmark for Ideas You’ve Tried | Social Media Today
November 04, 2016
Pinterest has released new data on the latest holiday season gift trends.
Pinterest Releases New Data on Trending Gift Ideas [Infographic] | Social Media Today