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Twitter Plans to Double Live-Stream Programming in 2017

If you weren’t sure about Twitter’s commitment to live-streaming, the Grammys just confirmed it.

Speaking to CNBC, the platform’s chief financial officer Anthony Noto said that video content from The 2017 Grammy Awards was watched by around 5.1 million people in total, significantly more than any NFL game they broadcast last season (which brought in around 3.5 million unique viewers per game).

There were also more than 17 million tweets sent as part of the on-platform Grammy’s discussion.

Twitter Plans to Double Live-Stream Programming in 2017 | Social Media TodayThe success of their Grammys live-stream content has reinforced their confidence in this being the way forward for the platform, with Noto saying that Twitter plans to double the amount of live programming it shows in 2017.

These new broadcasts are set to include:

“…rugby games in France and soccer in the U.K. Twitter even streamed its first ever lacrosse game last weekend and attracted 500,000 viewers”

Twitter's been touting its alignment around live-streaming for a while now, but still, the doubling of content is a significant shift.

In their most recent earnings announcement, Twitter reported that they streamed more than 600 hours of live video from content partners across 400 events in Q4, attracting 31M unique viewers.

Twitter Plans to Double Live-Stream Programming in 2017 | Social Media TodayAnd importantly, the audience for those streams was primarily aged 25 and under, highlighting the growth potential as user behaviors shift.

Twitter Plans to Double Live-Stream Programming in 2017 | Social Media TodayThose broadcasts haven’t had a significant impact on overall user numbers, which only rose by two million for the quarter, but still, the advertising potential of those 31 million viewers – which, ideally, they could double to 62 million with more content – is significant

This also comes as Twitter begins testing a new ‘Top videos for you’ section which highlights videos that are aligned to each users’ interests.

Twitter Plans to Double Live-Stream Programming in 2017 | Social Media TodayThose video matches are largely based on algorithms which, according to CEO Jack Dorsey, will increasingly be used to show relevant content to users, providing a more individually relevant and focused experience.

"I think for the majority of our life we've been fairly mechanical and that manifests in making people do the work and now we have a much stronger machine learning artificial intelligence discipline within the company where we can do things for people. We can be more predictive and it allows us to create more experiences; a few are magical and feel like 'Oh, Twitter is showing me something I wasn't expecting and it's great.”

While Twitter users have not been overly welcoming of algorithms and systems that might change their Twitter experience, the data shows that such measures are working – Twitter increased their daily active user rates by 8% over 2016.

Twitter Plans to Double Live-Stream Programming in 2017 | Social Media TodayUsing this, and their renewed focus on more live content, expect Twitter to keep showing you more video content it believes to be aligned to your interests in 2017.

This will also mean there’ll be more marketing opportunities tied into such efforts – we’ll keep you updated on such as their offerings evolve.

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