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Contributor Program

At Social Media Today, our aim is to provide the best, most up to date news and information on digital marketing, along with practical advice and knowledge, in order to help our readers to better achieve their own business goals.

That focus has seen us continually generate double-digit growth in website page views and traffic, while also helping us to build an engaged, active community of readers and contributors who are keen to discuss the latest tips, tactics and strategies to improve their social media marketing performance.

Our aim is not to publish the most content, but to publish the best, most helpful posts for our audience, to help them become better in their day-to-day work lives. We’re looking for experts who personify this approach, and who we can, in return, help get the recognition they deserve within the industry.

Contributor requirements:

  • Perfect grammar and strong writing skills
  • Relevant writing and blogging experience
  • Works (or has worked) in social media and digital marketing
  • Eager to share your best ideas and strategies with our readers

Which program is right for you?

Committed Contributor

The "Committed Contributor" is the program to join if you are able to commit to writing (and publishing) a minimum of one unique post to Social Media Today every month. Committed Contributors receive a plethora of benefits, such as being labeled as an "SMT Expert" on our site, that will increase exposure to your content and help you grow your personal and professional brand.

Learn more about the Committed Contributor program.

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Casual Contributor

The Casual Contributor program is best for those of you who want to contribute to the site but do not have the time to commit to monthly content.

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From a contributor

"Being a Social Media Today contributor has helped me continue to expand the reach of my personal brand and help maintain awareness and focus on my professional successes! SMT is a great platform for learning, sharing and helping others with this wild world of digital marketing!"

Nathan Mendenhall, Social Advertising Manager, THAT Agency

Nathan Mendenhall
Social Advertising Manager, THAT Agency