Drone Technology in Asset Management and Field Surveillance Growth in Robotics

June 25, 2018

To meet rising demands in utilities and limit expenditure in resource management, utility companies are adopting advanced technological solutions such as drones and robots. Rising adoption of such automated solutions has contributed amply towards the growth of robotics in utilities industry. To gauge the impact of ongoing developments.

Need for Error-Free Workflow in Power Sector Encourages Adoption of Robotics in Utilities

Need to retain their lead in robotics in utilities market has encouraged manufacturers and stakeholders in robotics to lay primary focus on technology up-gradation to produce need specific drones and robots that address fast transforming end-user expectations thereby enhancing end-user experience. Use of RPA (Robot Process Automation) in utilities is gaining momentum, triggering growth in robotics in utilities market.

A recent collaboration between power supplier, Huntsville Utilities and Avion Unmanned has crafted new milestones in robotics is utilities market. With this deal inked, Avion Unmanned is all set to establish a footprint in robotics in utilities market. Huntsville Utilities will incorporate drones in routine operations such as inspection of power grids and poles. This novel inclusion is expected to limit human interference and costs involved in power generation and distribution.

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Elaborate research components collated in the report highlight key segments exhibited in the market. This section of the report identifies type as the singular segment prevalent in robotics in utilities market. Based on type, the robotics in utilities market is fragmented as industrial caged robots, co-bots, logistics robots, medical robots, consumer robots, commercial drones, military drones, autonomous vehicles, and cloud robotics. Detailed research postulates compiled in the report provide readers an understanding about revenue generation facilitated by the segment. Also, readers can gauge the impact of the segment in triggering growth in robotics in utilities market. Besides outlining impact of segment in revenue generation, the report also gives a detailed account of marketing tactics and tools administered by leading companies in various regions of robotics in utilities market, and the influence of these tools on end-user response.

Key Players in Robotics in Utilities Market

Exhaustive research findings collated in the report present core business tools and tactics implemented by market leaders to leverage positive user response and purchase decisions. On the basis of these insights new and existing market players in robotics in utilities market can analyze these tactics and tools to gain critical insights and perspectives. Based on these perspectives, market players can devise profit driving business objectives and facilitate apt investment decisions that incur maximum revenues in robotics in utilities market. Key players identified in the robotics in utilities market include, Cyberdyne, Estun Automation, Fanuc, HollySys, Honda, Intuitive Surgical, iRobot, Keyence, Kuka, Nabtesco, Omron, Rockwell Automation, Siasun Robot & Automation, Stryker, Teradyne, Toyota amongst others.    

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