After two months, Apple re-launched Bose audio products

February 12, 2019

As US technology blog 9to5Mac first disclosed news , Apple began selling Bose audio products. About two months ago, Apple somehow removed the Bose product.

Apple shelves specific reasons Bose products, we may never know, but probably because of the noise-canceling headphones Beats disputes filed with Bose in July this year litigation related. Earlier this year, Apple for $ 3 billion acquisition of Beats.

Although the two sides have been October 10 to reach a settlement , the court eventually avoid the situation, but Bose's product but from Apple's online store and physical retail stores a week later disappeared . Before taking such action Apple, Bose has become the NFL official audio products , and this gives a heavy blow to rivals, but this agreement does not prevent the continued use of the many sports stars Beats product - sometimes - as they receive a ticket .

The removal of Bose products may be a warning Apple has made to the company, or it is to help boost Beats sales. But in either case, Bose's relationship with Apple is now beginning to stabilize. This means that if you know someone like Bose launched this year, the new headphones or speakers, then you can visit the online Apple Store or Apple into the physical retail store in the United States to buy as a present for a friend for Christmas. And if you really like this article you can write for us technology news.