Google Project Fi VPN service upgrade, security enhancements

February 12, 2019

Google's Project Fi wireless service made a major upgrade today, thanks to this upgrade, Project Fi has an always-on optional VPN service, and the way to switch between wireless and cellular network connections is smarter.

Previously, Project Fi used VPN services to protect users when connected to approximately 2 million Project Fi-supported Wi-Fi hotspots by default. Today, Google is expanding this service to cellular network connectivity. “When you enable our enhanced network, all your mobile and Wi-Fi traffic will be encrypted via our Virtual Private Network (VPN) and then securely sent to every network you connect, so you You can rest easy, because others can't see your online activities," the Google Project Fi team wrote in a statement today.

Google said that VPN also blocks all traffic from Google itself, and it is not tied to your Google account or phone number. VPN is part of Google's "enhanced network" and is the second part of the latest upgrade to Google's Project Fi, which now allows Wi-Fi and mobile networks to switch faster.

When you enable Enhanced Network - both of these features are currently in beta and can only be used on phones running Android Pie and compatible with Project Fi - your phone will automatically detect when the Wi-Fi signal is weak In this case, use mobile phone traffic to fill these gaps. Google said that during the test, once the Wi-Fi signal is not good, the new system can save users up to 40% of the time.

These new features will be available to Project Fi users later this week. By default, they are all turned off, so you must first open the Project Fi app and open the new feature in the Fi Network Tools before you can use it. One thing you need to remember here is that, according to Google, when you use the VPN service, mobile traffic may increase by about 10%.

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