Hype Partners Launches 8 Week Crypto Marketing Course for Digital Marketers

September 28, 2021
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Francisco Rodriguez
Hype Partners
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Crypto marketing agency announces new course for marketers, Hype Academy.

Hype Academy aims to bring digital marketers into crypto in personalized, 20 participant cohorts. The course is taught by leading blockchain marketers, fully refundable, and provides job-seeking support. 

The crypto market is fast expanding — expected to triple in volume by 2030. This growth comes with the need for experienced crypto marketers. And, this demand drives up salaries for those with experience, with the average crypto marketer making 32.7% more than digital marketers. However, this space is also relatively new and can be difficult to enter. 

Hype Partners, a blockchain marketing agency with experience working with top projects, distilled this knowledge into an 8 week, part-time course. This program is designed to upscale marketers’ existing knowledge by providing necessary expertise about crypto marketing. 

The course is fully refundable, and taught by Hype Partner’s own marketers, as well as CMOs from top blockchain projects. Students will be ready to enter the crypto space with the skills to run full marketing campaigns, manage and grow Web3 communities, and leverage key crypto channels. The curriculum includes:

  • Blockchain Projects’ Goals & Audiences
  • Content Creation Strategies
  • Analysis of Real Crypto Marketing Cases
  • Final Projects with the opportunity to work on a Hype initiative.

According to James Ross Treacher, Managing Director of Hype Partners:

“The Web3 industry is growing at a rapid pace and skilled marketers that understand how to communicate this industry effectively are in huge demand. At Hype we want to help digital marketers transition to become Web3 marketers to work in the most exciting industry in technology.”

In addition to the 8 week course, students will get priority access to actively hiring blockchain projects, and support as they search for a job. This should not only address the lack of skilled marketers in the space, but also fill the gap between this emerging industry and traditional markets.

To learn more about this program or apply, visit Hype Academy.

Hype Partners is the leading community management and marketing agency for blockchain companies. Hype Partners has worked with over 100 companies in 16 different countries. The new course aims to bring experienced digital marketers into the crypto space by teaching lessons learned over the years.