trendHERO has released The State of Influencer Marketing in Instagram 2021 for USA report

November 08, 2021
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New research into Instagram influencers in the USA was published by trendHERO (advanced influencer marketing platform). 

This study includes data about more than 7.5 million accounts from the USA, discoursing briefly on the varying range of influencers from nano to celebrities. Research centers on influencers' audience engagement levels and interests. There is also a section focusing on gender and the city impact on engagement rate (ER).

When we discuss Instagram profiles, we often use terms such as account, influencer, opinion leader, personal brand, personal blog, etc. Thus, for the purposes of this report, the term “influencer” is used, along with the following subtypes:

  • Nano-influencers: 2–10k followers
  • Micro-influencers: 10–100k followers
  • Macro-influencer: 100k–1M followers
  • Celebrities: 1M and more

The level of competition is one of the more interesting things in this report. In-depth analysis of popular influencer categories is also included.

Research reveals the following:

  • To date, there are more than 2.6M nano-influencers and more than 0.6M micro-influencers in the USA.
  • The ER for nano- and micro-influencers is bigger than that of macro-influencers. However, macro-influencers have quite similar metrics to celebrities. 
  • Good ER for micro-influencers is 4.10%, while the average ER is 1.8%.
  • There is a big difference in the average ER between male and female nano-influencers. 
  • ER depends on the topic greatly. The most engaging topics being, Movies, Family, and Automotive. The less engaging are Medicine, Business, and Marketing. 
  • 16.85% of nano-influencers are creating content about beauty and makeup. 
  • 14.7% of celebrities (1M followers and more) create music content.  
  • Only 9.69% оf celebrities receive more likes for video integrations. 

This research observes the situation from both sides. There are hints for people who want to start an influencer career and insights for advertisers who wish to increase revenue with influencer marketing. You can also see the metrics for the account category and size if one is a creator. 

Learn more about Instagram influencers: Download The State of Influencer Marketing in Instagram 2021 for USA (17 Pages) for free.   


trendHERO is an advanced influencer marketing tool for Instagram.

Its core features are influencers discovery (90M+ accounts database) and analytics (fake followers detection and audience interests check). There are also a lot of other features to help you increase revenue from your campaigns – overlaps, tracking, ad posts, outreach, similar influencers.