Fastreel Video Editor: An Online Tool for Creating Great Content

November 25, 2021
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Video content is one of the main trends today. Users prefer informative, educational, and entertaining content in video format, and many people choose to make videos as a hobby. So it is not a surprise that the market offers a number of various video editing programs – free and paid, online and desktop, for beginners and for professionals. In this article, we will take a closer look at Fastreel Video Editor by Movavi. Due to its user-friendly interface and wide variety of options, this service can be suitable for both experienced users and people who are only making their first steps in this sphere.

What Is Fastreel?

Fastreel is a multifunctional online video editor for creating clips and editing footage. This service offers you more than 20 tools for you can make detailed editings, almost like in an advanced desktop program. It is possible to make simple changes like cutting and cropping videos. You can also use such tools as making a slow-motion video, adding subtitles to your video, or working with the original audio track.

Moreover, Fastreel can help you create a video from scratch. With the help of this service, you can merge several clips, make a slideshow from photos, combine clips and images into one video, or you can use one of more than 30 colorful templates. The templates mode will come in handy for beginners or people who need to create a professional-looking video in several minutes. A significant advantage of Fastreel is that this service is very easy to use. It is suitable for users of all levels, and if you know nothing about video editing but want to try this activity, Fastreel can be a perfect variant for you.

However, there is one significant disadvantage: due to the fact that this program is run online, there is a limit for input files you want to use in your project – the size of all files should not exceed 500MB. As


In this mode, you will find various instruments for editing your footage and the tool that allows you to create a slideshow from images. Here are features available in the tools mode:

  • Cut a video if you want to delete some fragments
  • Crop a video if you want to change the frame size of your video
  • Mute a video if you want to delete the original audio track
  • Add music to a video
  • Merge videos if you want to combine several clips
  • Compress a video if you want to reduce the size of your video
  • Rotate a video if you want to change your video's angle
  • Loop a video if you want to make one video repeat several times
  • Resize a video if you want to change the aspect ratio of your video
  • Flip a video if you want to mirror your clip
  • Add filters to a video if you want to make some color adjustments
  • Make a split-screen video or Make a video collage if you want to combine several clips in one frame
  • Change video speed if you want to speed up or slow down your clip
  • Add text to a video if you want to overlay titles
  • Convert images to a video or Make a slideshow if you want to create a slideshow from pictures
  • Add subtitles to a video if you want to attach an .srt file to your clip
  • Make a stop-motion video
  • Add a watermark to a video if you want to overlay a watermark on your clip

  To start working on a project, you need to choose a tool you want to use, then upload your media files (videos, photos, music if necessary). Your files will be placed on the timeline so that you can make the changes you need, and then you can take a look at the preview and save the video. The tools mode allows you to edit video online with advanced tools in a matter of several minutes. However, it is worth mentioning that if you want to use several tools, you need to use them one by one, saving a video after applying each tool.


In the templates mode, you can create a short, colorful video in a few minutes. First, you need to choose one of more than 30 templates; there are such categories as:

  • Marketing & Business
  • Social Media
  • Education
  • Love
  • Festive
  • Family
  • Hobby
  • Intro

Templates of each category are designed in accordance with this category's topic; they contain several slides with backgrounds, animation, stickers, and empty slots for your content. You can insert videos or images into these slots and adjust the time for each slide so that it matches the length of the videos. Then, you can add your music or choose a track from the built-in library of Fastreel.

Though this mode makes video creation quick and fun, it has one disadvantage: you cannot change the effects for a certain template. Unfortunately, there are no opportunities of replacing backgrounds, removing stickers, or changing animation. However, this inconvenience is compensated with the number of templates; it is possible to find one that will entirely suit you.


Fastreel has three various plans for you to choose the most suitable variant:

  • Free. You can use Fastreel for free with two limitations: all of your saved videos will have the Movavi watermark, and they will be saved in the quality of 480p.
  • Single Premium. This plan requires a one-time $5.95 payment and lets you save one video (after using one tool or one template) without the watermark and in high quality.
  • Unlimited Premium. This is a subscription; you can pay $19.95 monthly or $119.40 yearly. This plan allows you to use all the tools and templates and save as many videos as you want in high quality and without the watermark.


Fastreel can come in handy as a free video maker for small projects, become a first step in learning video editing, or turn into a reliable tool for producing video content for your social media. Besides the impressive functionality, Fastreel boasts great customer service. Support specialists can answer your questions and help you solve technical issues in English, German, French, Korean, Russian, and other languages. This is one more reason for saying that this online video editor is worth trying.


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