Annalise Kaylor

Associate Creative Director - Social Media, aimClear

Annalise Kaylor built her first "social network" in 1992, when BBS's were all the rage and 14.4 bps was considered fast. She has been immersed in growing communities and expanding the role social media ever since, resulting in more than a decade of professional consulting experience. Annalise's portfolio of work includes campaigns for small, family-owned businesses as well as Fortune 50 global organizations. Her work has been featured in numerous industry reports, including interviews with Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, and She is also the technical editor for a forthcoming book on social media from Alpha/Penguin Publishing. When she isn't tweeting or updating her status, Annalise can be found flying planes (no, really!), playing her fiddle, or enjoying a Buffy the Vampire marathon.

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