Craig Allen

Owner and Social Media Manager, Socially Acceptable

I am very fortunate to have the family I do. My mom and dad are great parents who gave me the opportunities to be successful, even when I did not deserve them. My dad, who passed away from cancer; is my idol, his work ethic was unreal, and he overcame so much in his lifetime.

Next, I am blessed to have Laura as my wife. She allows me to work on my goals as a professional, and is very supportive in everything I do. She is my best friend and my best times are spent with her. We have two wonderful children. They amaze me everyday in their development. I only hope that I can give them the same opportunities my parents gave me.

Finally, there are few people in life that get to do what they love everyday - and fortunately, God has given me that chance. I am a small business owner and my company, Socially Acceptable, allows me to help other businesses grow and develop customer loyalty through social media management. There is great joy in seeing other businesses succeed and reach their goals through my company's assistance and strategies.