Dean Anthony Gratton

Bestselling author and columnist.

Dr Dean Anthony Gratton is a bestselling author and columnist.

Dean has worked extensively within the wireless communications/telecoms R&D industry and has an accomplished career in software engineering, software/solution architecting and technical project management. He has developed real-time embedded and Windows device driver software, architected and has managed teams across several new product developments for the IoT/M2M; the Smart Grid/Metering/M2M energy industry: SMETS1/2, DECC; infotainment, transportation/automotive; mobile (cellular) phones; VoIP, IPTV, DigitalTV, broadband; Femtocells; Bluetooth wireless technology, Wi-Fi; ZigBee/Z-Wave technology and NFC. His wireless research work has been patented.

Dean is also a technology author and a popular columnist for several prominent publications. He continues to provide an authoritative published and vocal presence within the wireless communications industry.

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