Jacob Maslow

Online Marketing Ninja, Mekomi Marketing

Jacob Maslow, online marketing consultant for Consultwebs, has over a decade's worth of experience as a marketing consultant. He has the experience to effectively increase his client's visibility using SEO and other marketing strategies. He promotes customer engagement by using proven tactics to further his client's goals allowing them to be placed first and foremost at the top of the rankings in their particular field. Industries have become extremely competitive when it comes to reaching out and pulling in new clients.

Jacob has experience working with clients in many different fields, including legal and medical. He uses his digital marketing skills to promote each client to the full extent of his ability. In the past, he has effectively gained top spots for his clients in areas and markets that were mostly dominated by larger firms. He understands the importance of putting forth his best effort, but also knows that occasionally changing methods can add a much needed boost.

As a digital marketing specialist, Jacob has many tools at his disposal to keep his clients' campaigns fresh, unique and effective. His clients continually look to him for advice on ways to give their image a rejuvenating shot in the arm. He takes pride in his work and strives to make sure every client gets the best possible results from each campaign he creates.

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