Josh Milenthal

Manager, ING U.S.

I am currently a Community Manager and Content Strategist for Studiocom, and have been since February 2013.

Social media explorer. Blogger. Ohio State fan. Union College Alumnus. Chipotle obsessed. Innovation seeker. On the prowl for the newest tech and social media innovations. Networker. Love the connections and relationships social media brings to brands and individuals.

As a social media specialist I have experience in the space since 2006, before MySpace was a punch line, and before Facebook went from a successful industry player to become THE industry. When I began my career as a Community Manager at Engauge in October 2010, nobody knew what that job title entailed. I have been fortunate enough to be involved with social media since working at MoQvo, one of the first true social networking websites, as a Social Networking Coordinator in 2006. My exposure has afforded me valuable lessons and experiences long before social media became the revolutionary industry that it is today.

Spending time outside of social media, in the world of experiential marketing, allowed me to see how important personal (especially in person) experiences are as well. The longest lasting impressions and memories are personal experiences, not digital or traditional advertisements. When combining the experiential with social it creates a smorgasbord of opportunity for marketers, and that is what I love. The ability to use social as not only a primary means of marketing, but as a catalyst to expand upon the relationships built through in person experiences is what makes social + experiential a powerful combination.

Objectives: To become as knowledgeable in relationship building as possible, from marketer to consumer and vice versa. I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset, and want to start my own company eventually. Learn to foster relationships and examine how they can benefit everyone, from businesses to people to everything in between. Want to learn as much about everything as I can, I am always curious.