Raymond Morin

Freelance Web Consultant/Speaker, Raymond Morin |

Author, blogger, social media consultant, and content curator, Raymond Morin is also speaker and coach/trainer for small businesses directors and organizations CEO's. He contributes regularly (in English) to WindMill Networking's blog, as occasionnaly to Social Media Today and to Intelegia. All his original articles (in French) are regrouped on his own portfolio/blog : Virage 2.0.

Web professional since over 15 years, he worked and collaborated with several organizations, SMB and startups to build their web and social presence. Early adopter himself, considered as a social media power user by his peers, he published two books (in French) during this period : Comment entreprendre le virage 2.0 (2010), and Culture Web à la portée des PME (2001). In early 2013, he will publish his third book : Business et médias sociaux - Les clés de la Génération C et du marketing d'influence, in French, as in English.

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