Stephen G. Barr

CEO & Group Publisher, SGB Media Group |

Author, Editor & Publisher of 35+ syndicated, digital publications utilizing multiple digital distribution channels in conjunction with launching and administrating national advertising campaigns for major Fortune 500 advertisers in partnership with Google, Ning, Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo, Commission Junction, DoubleClick, LinkShare, PepperJam and other industry leading third party affiliate networks. Senior product development team member from conception to launch on many websites marketing tangible goods as well as professional services and charted and developed the organizational structure and marketing strategies for start ups. Specialties: Public relations, retailing, advertising, website & online forum development, niche social networking, blogging, email campaigns, affiliate/performance marketing, search optimization, branding and identity, site location, event production & promotion and non-profit fund raising. An internationally recognized and read social media columnist & pundit on The Examiner, Associate Content,, Social Media Today and Technorati and company owned affiliate sites covering numerous topical verticals and published and cross syndicated on the full range of current platforms. Stephen's and SGB Media Group's web property portfolios exceed 250 sites and growing. Specialties Stephen rapidly assembles strategic alliances within narrowly defined market segments or industries to the benefit of all parties and have a long established reputation as being a "rainmaker" within the social media, music, fine arts, wealth management, health & wellness, real estate, nonprofit, progressive political and digital media industries. No matter the vertical, he quickly establishes himself as a thought leader and widely read pundit of that market segment and is an in-demand adviser.

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