Katrina Padron

President & Social Media Strategist, Padron Social Marketing |

Prior to launching Padron Social Marketing, Katrina Padron was a Chicago city dweller that found solace within the lush Foothills of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Since her time spent at DePaul University in Chicago, where she graduated with a Master's Degree in Sociology, she has gone on to win many awards and accumulate many noteworthy accomplishments, including three ADDY awards. Although, if you asked her, she would say that her biggest accomplishments are her two adorable children, Vincent and Lydia. After college Katrina worked for a 100 million dollar restaurant group in the Midwest where she learned to fine tune her marketing skills and self discovered diverse and creative ways to increase a brand's social following and sales. Since then she has been asked to share these ideas at the National Restaurant Show along with numerous other organizations. Due to her innovative thinking and social media whisperer title, she decided to venture out on her own and founded, Padron Social Marketing. She's bootstrapped this company from the ground up and has been able to help up and coming companies find a voice and increase their social presence. Padron Social Marketing is the product of Katrina's dedication to the art of social media and her innate drive towards originality. She has helped over 25 companies grow and we're just getting started.

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