Michael Glazer

Founder/CEO, BackAtYou.com

Michael Glazer works in the trenches focusing on identifying and utilizing best practices in social media. He is a seasoned social media entrepreneur who builds platforms that help all size businesses use social media, primarily Facebook, more effectively. Currently, Michael is the Founder and CEO of BackAtYou.com, a company dedicated to helping small to medium size businesses build a Facebook Page the right way and with the right people. Current clients include a number of large brands and hundreds of small businesses. Prior to Back At You, Michael was the co-founder and President of SodaHead.com, one of the largest Q&A sites on the Internet. At SodaHead, Michael raised $12.7 million and grew the site from zero to over 7 million monthly unique visitors. He left SodaHead to start Back At You where he could use his knowledge and skills to best help companies use Facebook to drive business.

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