Nicholas Dureault

Sr Marketing Automation Manager, World Vision Canada

More than 10 years' experience and 25'000 dedicated hours in the Digital Marketing space; the blend of Digital and Omnichannel Strategy is a real passion for me. I love creating the teams, systems and procedures for mashing up marketing strategy into measurable action.

Accomplished Marketing Leader, Analytics Professional and Digital Strategist. Highly motivated to lead and develop digital marketing teams, develop and execute Omnichannel and digital marketing strategy through Digital Marketing Channels and mediums including Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Landing Page Optimization, Email Marketing Campaigns and other various Digital Marketing Initiatives and Digital Marketing Efforts.

My experience rounds out well to tie traditional media campaigns that require high levels of competency and ability around managing integrated digital assets including web properties and web traffic (like paid traffic, organic traffic, referral traffic, affiliate traffic, etc), including social media channels. These are then fostered through digital marketing projects and initiatives which use or require multi-touchpoint attribution, then tracked and reported using analytics data, analytics reporting tools, and business intelligence systems.

You can find me on Google too!

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