Tamara Gaffney

Principal Analyst, Adobe Systems, Inc.

Tamara leads the team of analysts responsible for providing marketers with research and insights captured through aggregated and anonymous data from the Adobe Digital Marketing Cloud, one of the world's largest marketing technology platforms with over 1.24 trillion transactions per quarter.

Prior to joining Adobe, Tamara worked in media research and advertising. She has spent the majority of her career building products at start-ups as Director of Product Management. With 2 prior companies bought by Nielsen Media Research and one bought by Arbitron (also just recently bought by Nielsen), she has brought a number of new products to market and been granted two patents for her work in mobile data collection. While at Nielsen Tamara was also industry analyst for Internet advertising and mobile media, appearing frequently as a speaker at advertising and media conferences.

Tamara earned her MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern and her BS in business and minor in computer programming at the University of Southern California. She has always been passionate about nurturing the marketing profession by providing information which demonstrates marketing's tangible business value and, ultimately, improves consumer's perception of marketing by offering relevant and exceptional digital experiences which are viewed as helpful rather than intrusive. @tamarag

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