Steven Davies

Owner, ClickMagnet

Steven J Davies

I am a writer, dreamer, learner and a father. I have loved reading from the first moment that I actually could, and the natural progression from that was writing. I have been writing, in some form or another, almost ever since and I wouldn't change a thing.

Being able to write professionally, and for the kinds of people that I have been doing, has been an absolute blessing.

ClickMagnet Copywriting Services

ClickMagnet Copywriting Services started out almost as a tagline, something that I included in profiles for freelancing websites such as PeoplePerHour.

Gradually, as demand for my writing increased and more questions came in asking what exactly what it is that I do, the website itself became something that was needed rather than wanted. Today, ClickMagnet Copywriting Services is a full-fledged business in its own right, with clients on all but one continent (we will crack Africa!). A small team of dedicated, and simply fantastic, writers just seemed to appear overnight and we have had an absolute blast.

What's next? I have always loved learning, and being a professional writer I am learning something new everyday, and every new topic brings fresh ideas and insights into otherwise unknown worlds. Research is almost a hobby these days, one that we all love. We want to learn as much as we can, about as many topics as we can, and continue writing for all the amazing people out there - if we can do that, we're happy.

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