Tony Ahn

Chief Digital Architect, Tony Ahn & Co. |

Tony Ahn's unique blend of education and experience makes him one of the most highly sought after social media evangelists in Southeast Asia.

Tony's baccalaureate degree focused on ethnography, a branch of anthropology that studies and describes contemporary human cultures. Ethnographers capture and communicate "webs of meaning," defining the interworking of cultures from an inside perspective. This equips Tony with a deep understanding of the culture of social media networks and communities.

Tony holds a master's degree in counseling from Penn State University, giving him rich insights into human motivation and behavior. Simply put, Tony knows what consumers want and why. He has used this knowledge to provide marketing and consulting to multinational brands and major local brands.

In 2009, Tony reunited with his baccalaureate discipline when he was hired as CEO of a Manila-based management consulting firm that utilized anthropologists to study consumer behavior. A year later he poured his knowledge of ethnography, human motivation, and social media into Sterling Rep Social Media and Reputation Management, the first independent reputation management agency in the Philippines, which he directed until it was acquired by one of the largest public relations firms in the country. In 2012, Tony Ahn opened the doors on digital public relations agency Tony Ahn & Co., which he directs today. He writes a column on digital PR for Adobo Magazine and lectures on the same subject at De La Salle University.