Brad Bogus

President, Speak Social

I create the strategies and campaigns for brands utilizing social media and networking for marketing, PR, and engagement. These campaigns include professionally written content, custom designed pages in Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, video and audio content, photo and link sharing, daily engagement, mobile pages and promotional strategies (QR codes, coupons, etc.), geo-location strategies (using Foursquare, Facebook, etc.) and more.

My goal is to "re-humanize" the merchant/consumer relationship and allow for more information sharing between the two, hopefully worldwide. I know that's a big goal, but I plan on having an impact. Hold tight.

Video Producer/Director with experience in all fields of video/film work. I've filled almost every role on set, as well as produced and directed almost every field of video and film. These include: corporate, promotional and commercial, internal or training, sports, and other videos, as well as music videos, short and feature films, series, and television/web programming. These are all potential components of an overall social media campaign strategy.