Denise Safari

CMO & Co-Founder, Existence Technology |

CMO & Co-Founder, Existence Technology

COO, Evolution Sales & Distribution

Serial Entrepreneur since age 23, co-founding and operating businesses ranging from local service companies, to a design showroom, social business consulting, digital media, mobile gaming, VR/AR, global commercial imports & manufacturing.

An industry thought leader in VR Immersive Technologies, Social Business Strategy & Social Intelligence Solutions, Denise is a speaker, podcaster, author, business advisor and educator in the areas of brand development, growth, content marketing, customer experience, brand advocacy & employee engagement. Advisory Board member for EveryoneSocial & named one of 30 VIP Influencer "Futurists" by IBM Social Business & PureMatter, on their project, "Hacking the Future of Work."

CEO and Founder of Collaborative IQ, Inc.

Creator and Host of Collaborative iQ Podcast


Co-Creator and Co-Host of the 2014 Employee Advocacy Summit -->

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