Jeannie McPherson

Product Management Director, Social Media and Mobile, Verisign |

Jeannie McPherson is the Product Management Director for Verisign's social media and mobile initiatives. An avid social media and domain name enthusiast, Jeannie is responsible for managing the development and implementation of products and campaigns designed to illustrate the value of domain name registration for use with social media and mobile applications. She has worked for several leading technology companies including AOL, Cisco and Verisign, and written for a variety of magazines, newspapers and digital outlets on the topics of social media and digital best practices, historic preservation, community news and more. When she's not promoting the benefits of having a branded online presence, you can find her searching for great domain names to add to her modest domain portfolio or sharing news and insights on Twitter and LinkedIn. A native of New Orleans, Jeannie now lives in the Washington, D.C. area where she enjoys spending time with her family and visiting the region's numerous historic, culinary and natural attractions.

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