Hollis Tibbetts

Director for Software Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions Group, Dell, Inc. |

Hollis has established himself as a successful software marketing and technology expert. His various strategy, marketing and technology blogs are read over 50,000 times a month. He has over 20 years experience in creating, executing and managing innovative and effective marketing programs for startup, midsize and large technology companies in Silicon Valley and Austin TX. He has substantial expertise and a highly successful track record in positioning and launching companies and products and achieving solid, sustained growth. Hollis has developed substantial expertise in middleware, SaaS, Cloud, data management and distributed application technologies, with over 2 decades of experience in marketing, technical, product management and product marketing roles at leading companies in such as Pervasive, Aruna (acquired by Progress Software), Sybase (now SAP), webMethods (now Software AG), M7 Corporation (acquired by BEA/Oracle), OnDisplay (acquired by Vignette) and KIVA Software (acquired by Netscape). He has established himself as an industry expert, having authored a large number of technology white papers, as well as published media articles and book contributions. Hollis is a regularly featured blogger at ebizQ, a venue focused on enterprise technologies, with over 100,000 subscribers (http://www.ebizq.net/blogs/integrationedge), writes extensively on Sys-con Media (http://hollistibbetts.sys-con.com) and maintains a blog focused on creating great software: Software Marketing 2011 (http://www.softwaremarketingexperts.com) He is also active on Twitter as @SoftwareHollis Additional information is available at HollisTibbetts.com